Notes from the Island
November 2006

The Workfest is almost here! Make your plans to be a part of the fun on Sunday November 12. Last spring's Workfest was a huge success and I'm hoping to repeat that success this fall. The turnout last spring was so good in fact that we ran out of things for people to do. Nothing is worse than having a willing body without a job. So, here's a preview of the day so that all you volunteers can show up prepared.

  1. George and Shelly Malusky will be grilling. They will need help setting up, cleaning up and serving the food. The Workfest is a potluck so please bring a favorite dish.

  2. As far as the docks are concerned, Tryon will be leading a crew to dismantle his new canoe dock, which will then be pulled out of the river. The swim float needs to come in as well but I'm hoping we can save ourselves some trouble and leave the heavy anchor out in the river. I found a giant buoy that we can attach to the anchor until next spring. The swim dock will be coming in; but I think Tryon has decided to leave the Captain's Float in the river all winter.

  3. Of course, there will be plenty of leaves to rake. Bring your rakes! There are also a lot of invasive vines that need to be controlled. These invasives are one of the biggest threats to the Island, so if you want to work on pulling vines, bring your gloves, lopping shears, and pruning shears.

  4. The clubhouse, kitchen, and bathrooms should be cleaned; at a minimum, the spider webs should be vacuumed up. We can wash the windows and it would be good to have a volunteer to climb a ladder and clean windows from the outside. I think we have all the cleaning supplies we need.

  5. Tryon says we should do something about the messy parking lot on MacArthur Blvd. Bring a flat shovel if you want to help with that.

  6. I found more bricks and there is a brick walkway by the outdoor shower waiting for someone to build.

  7. Another project idea is to put metal roofing under the deck to make a dry storage area off the screen porch. I have all the materials for this job.

  8. Scraping, painting, scraping. The entire exterior of the clubhouse is peeling and needs attention. If you can help with this job, please bring your scrapers, masks, and goggles.

  9. There is also a lot of preparation needed to get ready for the Workfest. If you can help gather needed supplies before the 12th, please let me know.

You can call me on the Island at 301-229-4921 or e-mail me at

-- Joe Hage, Sycamore Island Caretaker