Notes from the Island
September 2004

So how does someone who lives and works at a canoe club on an island spend his vacation? He goes canoe camping to an island of course. This wasn’t just any island that I visited, it was an island on an island that you can only get to via another island. Lots of ferries, islands, water and canoes. What could be better?

Canoe camping was only one of the highlights of Jenny’s and my trip to British Columbia, but it was our best chance at getting away from the crowds and city lights. We rented a canoe in Champbell River, a small city on the east coast of Vancouver Island. From there we took a ferry over to smaller, Quadra Island and from there drove to the put-in. We loaded our gear and set off paddling past the summer homes and swimmers of Mini Lake. Two hours of easy paddling found us on the still waters of Main Lake. After a swim in the crystal clear, glacier-fed lake we sat and watched the sunset and listened to the loons calling out across the water. When the last rays of the sun had faded we were treated to a magnificent sky full of stars. The calls of the loon were now replaced by the hoots of a barred owl.

There was great turn out for the Fishing Derby on Saturday. Congratulations to all the prizewinners and a big THANK YOU to the Maluskys for hosting another super party.

I also want to thank Sea and David Sitomer for being such caregiving caretakers while I was away. Everyone seems to enjoy having such gracious hosts living on the island.

Late summer flowers are blooming red, purple, and yellow. The walnut trees are shedding their yellow leaves and the Paw Paw trees are bearing their large green fruit. The first signs of autumn.

-- Joe Hage, Sycamore Island Caretaker