Notes from the Island
October 2002

It's been another great month down here on Sycamore Island. The weather has been superb but September has been marked by continued drought conditions with river levels at record setting lows.

My daughters and I are settled in now and we're getting used to the Island lifestyle. My older daughter is now expert on the ferry while the younger one is practicing her "J" stroke. Swimming after school is another of our favorite activities. Soon the swimming will be done as the forest begins to show signs of the fast-approaching new season.

The island has by no means been busy but there were several events and Island activities this past month. The Regatta started the month off with a bang, fun games and some pretty tough competition. There was a mid-week event when the "Old Timers" had their annual picnic. I participated in an excellent canoeing class given by Frank Daspit early one Saturday. Dave and Jane Winer hosted the Montgomery chapter of the Maryland Ornithological Society for their annual canoe/bird watching trip and The Lowell School had a field trip here on the 26th. It was great to show the kids how to appreciate the river.

Of course this past September will always be remembered as the month that the old Rope Swing Tree was cut down.

-- Joe Hage, Sycamore Island Caretaker