Notes from the Island
September 2002

I would like to say thank you to everyone for making me feel so welcome here at the Island. It's been very exciting starting my new life at my new job at my new home on the river. My first few weeks here have been so busy I've hardly had time to do any canoeing! Mostly I've been focusing on getting unpacked and trying to make my quarters feel more like home. As far as Island business, John Mathews and I were able to get the outdoor showers to work and I helped Tove and Tryon get the new swimming dock into the water.

The fishing derby was another highlight of my first month here. It was great to see all the kids and be part of a real Club event. On August 12 Brad Coolidge brought his friends Becky and Don Koblitz down to the Island. They were married here 20 years ago. Apparently they were the first to ever make their vows on Sycamore Island. They return every year to see the sycamore they planted that day, the tree is now over 30 feet tall! There's a picture from that day in the clubhouse.

I've also been enjoying the wildlife I've seen and heard down here, from the loud call of the numerous Carolina Wrens to the surprising number of Green Herons and Belted Kingfishers. My daughters Kaylen and Kelsey are with me now and we're getting used to the new routine of catching the bus, etc. now that school has started. So far they seem to like it here. All in all its great being here and I think I'm going to like it very much. Thanks again to everyone and I look forward to meeting you all.

-- Joe Hage, Sycamore Island Caretaker