Notes from the Island
July 1996

In June heavy rains and thunderstorms caused the river to rise and fall. The Club was closed off and on and several large parties were postponed. The Potomac has been too muddy and the current has been too strong for pleasant swimming or successful fishing. However, the Island itself suffered no real damage.

Flocks of Canada geese have been stopping to munch on our lawn before heading upriver. I counted over sixty this afternoon including the goslings which are almost grown. There are still wood ducks and mallards with their ducklings in the area.

The rough-winged swallows are returning to perch on the ferry lines. Occasionally I see a night heron flying down the canal or across the slough. All the birds seem to like the ripe mulberries.

The foliage has grown back covering the scars left by January's flood. The daylilies are blooming and some of them appear to have migrated during the high water. There are also some wild roses still flowering.

John Matthews has done a wonderful job building temporary canoe racks and preparing for the new canoe shed, whatever that may be. The electricians were down and fixed the lights by the bridge over the canal and installed new lighting on the walkway near the ferry landing. It should be a pleasant surprise for those who attend the July meeting.

With a little luck the rains should stop, the river level should drop and we can get back to swimming and fishing. However, if the thunderstorms continue, you might want to call to make sure the Club is open before you come down.

-- Peter Jones, Sycamore Island Caretaker