Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

September 13, 2017

David Winer, John Noble, Sherry Fizdale, Anne Waidmann, Geoff Holdridge, Richard Bertaut, Star Mitchell, Bill Marmon, Lucky Marmon, Gerry Barton, Joe Hage, Molly Newberry, Karen Possner, Jim Drew, Mark Friedrichs. Marianne Ross, Drew Walsh

President Richard Bertaut called the meeting order.
Attendees introduced themselves. Notes taken at the August meeting were accepted without correction. There were no official minutes as there was no quorum.


Treasurer’s Report
No report. Treasurer Ned Goddard is working in Florida on work related to hurricane Irma.

Captain’s Report
While the Captain was not present, others talked of ongoing projects, such as replacing some of the wood on the island side of the ferry landing. The current low river water levels will permit an examination of the canal side landing as well. There has been talk of replacing some of the screens in the club house doors, but so far no plan to do so.

Dave Winer noted that there was a new tight rope and safety wire on the downside of the island. Children attending the Regatta enjoyed trying it out.

Gerry Barton suggested removing or moving the swing, noting that there had been two collisions of swingers with persons passing in the area. Others recommended better supervision of children by parents and better warning signs. Still others suggested that orange cones be put around the area during events such as the Regatta. One member suggested that there should be a weight limit for users of the swing, but Dave Winer reassured the assembled about the strength of the swing’s construction.

It was also noted that the horseshoe game area has sharp spikes that could do serious harm. It was suggested that we put old tennis balls on the spikes.

Others suggested that signage on both swing and horseshoe area might be useful.

Membership Secretary’s Report
Anne Waidman said there was no change from last month in the number of members and wait list members.

There was a long discussion about changing the dates prospective members could submit applications and enter the bi-annual lottery and the date that the lottery would be held. There was general agreement that if these activities were scheduled for the Fall, prospective members would have time to visit the island during clement weather. That would give them the opportunity to attend meetings on the island and meet members who might later be willing recommend them for membership. VP John Noble will write a proposal and submit it for discussion at the next Club meeting.

Archives Secretary’s Report
Archivist Karen Possner announced that the DC Carnegie Library, home to the DC Historical Society where our archives have been stored, is closing. The Historical Society has moved to the Newseum and is accessible by a separate entrance (sans fee.) Call ahead if you wish to visit the Sycamore Island archives. The Historical Society will move back into the Carnegie Library after its renovation... hopefully, towards the end of December 2018.

Club Supervisor’s Report
Club Supervisor Marianne Ross wished to buy a new whistling tea kettle for the club house. It was explained that such items can be purchased from the Glen Echo hardware store where the Club has an account. Marianne should call Treasurer Ned Goddard and have her name added to the list of persons approved to make purchases. Someone suggested posting a list of needed items in the Islander before purchasing them. Members might be happy to donate items.

There was a discussion about the “shabbiness” of the Club. Karen Possner suggested changing some of the light fixtures and acquiring new moisture resistant furniture, such as treated wicker with cushions covered in "outdoor materials." She warned against acquiring upholstered chairs or couches, noting that insects dwelled therein.

Drew Walsh has been given chairs and suggested rewarding the donor with a day pass to the island. This action was approved. There followed a lengthy discussion about the "day pass," and to whom it can be given. There will be further review about day pass policy after conferring with Ann Marie Cunningham re: the original intent of the pass.

Caretaker’s Report
Caretaker Joe Hage remarked on the large turnout for the Regatta. He is optimistic about having a big turnout for the Fall Work Fest, as attendance is now tied to a member’s eligibility to host a big party.

Fall WorkFest: Sunday, Nov. 12th
Raindate: Sunday, Nov. 19th

Gerry Barton noted that Joe has created a new and charming overlook on the south side of the Island. He has mowed the ground cover, set up chairs, and even put up a small tent.

Relief Caretaker’s Report

New Business
David Winer made the following proposal: Permanent signs to be placed on club property must be approved by vote of the membership in a regular club meeting. The proposal was passed 16 to 1.

Old Timers/Good Timers Lucky Marmon agreed to schedule the traditional Old Timers/Good Timers potluck lunch for 12:00 noon, Monday, October 9th. The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, October 11th, at 8:00. A potluck dinner is always fun, weather permitting.

Thanks to Karen Possner for the delicious cake.

Respectfully submitted,
Lucky Marmon,
Co-Recording Secretary,