Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

January 11, 2016

The first meeting of the New Year was held at the home of John and Susanna Membrino and called to order by our new president Richard Bertaut.

Rodolfo Castro, Sherry Fizdale, David Winer, Meredith Griggs, Gerald Stanley Barton, John Membrino, Susanna Membrino, Tryon Wells, John Noble, Steve Newman, Jane Winer, Maureen McElroy, Paul McElroy, Anne Marie Cunningham, Jody Benjamin, Jim Drew, Ned Goddard, Richard Bertaut, Kathy Carroll, Molly Newberry, Jeff Komarow, Nancy Shupe, Marianne Ross

Ned Goddard reported that he is hard at work completing the 2016 Federal and State tax filings for the Club to meet Federal and State deadlines. He also reported good news for the Club’s renewals of insurance premiums, "across the board" reductions on policy premiums on various coverages for the Club in Flood, Liability and Property, as FEMA has reclassified our Policy with more than 50% savings! Ned is reviewing supplemental coverages that the Broker is proposing because of these savings; for example, the possibility of recovering member fee income in case of loss of usage to Club facilities due to property or flood damage. He thanked Supervisor of Finance Lisa Kliefoth for her years of dedicated service as Supervisor of Finance and looks forward to working with Anne Marie Cunningham in that position. He then welcomed Sherry Fizdale as incoming Financial Secretary.

Financial Secretary
Sherry Fizdale expressed satisfaction upon hearing the Treasurer's report about reductions of costs to the Island. She expressed hope of reducing Club expenses further with Stan Fowler as our new Captain. Stan is experienced in the art of "getting things done," as his success in restoring the Spanish Ballroom and the Cuddle-Up at Glen Echo Park while Park Ranger at Glen Echo Park attest. Deputy Captain Rodolfo Castro looks forward to working with Stan.

Membership Secretary
The name of member Anne Waidmann was proposed to fill the position and the motion passed unanimously.

Sycamore Islander Editor
The position has been filled by Rebecca Carroll as a Service Member. President Richard Bertaut crafted a contract for her, which was presented and approved.  Former Island president Jeff Komarow commended Ms. Carroll for getting out the current newsletter in timely fashion. The newsletter as a file required 18 pages to print, however, and the discussion of format sparked New Business.

New Business
Various attendees commented on their preferred method of contact, both for urgent club communications, and for longer term (archival) documentation of newsletters, meetings, and activities. Ned Goddard proposed the creation of an Ad Hoc committee to consider four different solutions for electronic communication among Club members. Use of a ListServ or Mail Chimp product are among the suggestions. Additional New Business included the suggestion to invite RG Steinman and John Parrish to conduct a Spring Wildflower for the Club in April.

Old Business
Lively discussion carried over from previous meetings in which Camping Rules was the issue. Some think individual rules are not specific enough and need to be modified. Others disagree, but as the discussion proceeded, other issues germane to camping were brought up, such as defining member and caretaker responsibilities, provisions crucial to camper safety (e.g., being on the Island after dark), Large Party Rules, operating the ferry and Saturday Caretaking. Clearly, the Standing Rules and Bylaws require further discussion, as members need to be fully informed of the responsibilities and procedures for camping safety as well as consideration for other members and the Caretaker.

Relief Caretaker's Report
A big thank you to our January Relief Caretakers:
Jonathan Zimmerman
John & Susan Membrino
Joe Cecil
Craig Iscoe
Meredith Griggs

Respectfully submitted in the absence of
Lucretia Marmon, Recording Secretary,
Jane Winer