Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

December 14, 2016

The members gathered at the home of Meredith Griggs for the Annual meeting/holiday party. Tryon Wells then called the meeting to order. The first order of business was to thank our hostess for sharing her home with us on this festive occasion.

David Winer, Diane Noble, Jim Drew, Jane Winer, Lucky Marmon, Star Mitchell, Steve Newman, Richard Bertaut, Larry Heilman, Ned Goddard, Gerry Barton, Sandi Komarow, Jeff Komarow, Cindy Bertaut, Penelope Mitchell, Drew Walsh, Molly Newberry, Anne Heilman, Kathy Carroll, Stan Fowler, Bill Marmon, Bruce Gaber, Susanna Membrino, John Membrino, Judy Lentz, John Cunningham, and Ann Marie Cunningham.

Membership Report
John Noble provided a summary of membership activity for the year. The Club currently has the maximum of 160 regular members with 13 of them becoming members in 2016. There are also 71 senior members, 6 of whom became eligible this year after 20 years of regular membership; 22 inactive members who are living outside the area; and 15 honorary members. There are 59 Waiting List Applications (maximum 60).

Nominating Committee
John Noble and Bill Marmon assembled an august team of volunteers who will serve as officers and supervisors in 2017. But first, John recognized those who have served us well and are now retiring from their current positions, particularly those who have served for many years, Financial Secretary Lisa Kliefoth (~20 years), Editor Carol Beehler (6 years), Captain Drew Walsh (4 years), Law Supervisor Parker Moore, our President Tryon Wells, Supervisor of Large Parties Jonathan Zimmerman, and Supervisor of Swimming Roger Herst.

Then John introduced those officers who are leaving the current position to take on new responsibilities - Richard Bertaut takes up the gavel as he moves from Vice President to President, John Noble will cease conducting new member orientations and takes on the Vice Presidency, Sharon (Sherry) Fizdale leaves her position as Supervisor of Finance and becomes Financial Secretary, and Ann Marie Cunningham sets down her notepad and becomes Supervisor of Finance.

Officers who are remaining in their current roles include Ned Goddard as Treasurer, Lucky Marmon as Co-Recording Secretary, Karen Possner as Archivist, Rodolfo Castro as Deputy Captain, Marianne Ross as Supervisor of the Clubhouse, Alice Bullard as Supervisor of Grounds, Karl Kosok as Supervisor of Painting/Carpentry, Tryon Wells as Supervisor of the Website, George and Shelley Malusky as Supervisor of Entertainment, Joe Cecil as Supervisor of Canoeing, and Madeleine Carter as Supervisor of Relief Caretaking Scheduling.

Those who are new to Island leadership were warmly welcomed - Stan Fowler as Captain, Rebecca Beynon as Supervisor of Law, Molly Newberry as Supervisor of Camping and Large Parties, Larry Heilman as Supervisor of Swimming.

All the nominees were elected by acclamation.

John also reported that there are still a few opportunities available to those who wish to become more involved with the Island.  Please contact John if you are interested in becoming the Membership Secretary, Editor, or Co-Recording Secretary.

Treasurer’s Report
Ned Goddard reported that the Club has been spending more each year, primarily because of rising insurance costs and unexpected repairs.  There will be an increase in dues and fees of approximately 5% in 2017.   The number of members is specified in the Bylaws.  Contact Ned if you are interested in details on expenditures and income.  The budget passed.

Relief Caretaker Scheduler's Report
Madeleine Carter reported via email that she is very grateful to those members and wait list applicants who operated the ferry for us in November.  Greg Hitz, Meghan Mullan (TWICE!), John Beck, Sherry Fizdale, Edward Tilghman, Eric Simpson, and Renee Dunham enjoyed a lovely day on the Island with occasional ferrying responsibilities.

Next Meeting and Adjournment
The next meeting will be held on January 11 at 8:00 at the home of Susanna and John Membrino,  5305 Tuscarawas Road, Bethesda.  The meeting was adjourned so we could enjoy a delicious repast and the lovely home of Meredith Griggs.

Respectfully Submitted,
Ann Marie Cunningham
Co-Recording Secretary