Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

October 12, 2016

Tryon Wells called the meeting to order.

Pat Barry, Margaret Barry, Gerry Barton, John Noble, Sherry Fizdale, Tryon Wells, Bob Shanks, Kathy Carroll, Marianne Ross, Diane Noble, Clayton Teague, Ellen Teague, Ned Goddard, Jim Drew, John Beck, Richard Bertaut, John Cunningham, and Ann Marie Cunningham.

Membership Report
John Noble nominated John Lord for membership. He was sponsored by Gordon Phillips, and recommended by Drew Walsh and Gerry Barton. John is a single father, an outdoorsman, a fly fisherman, a former Peace Corpsman, and a frequent substitute caretaker. He now works for the Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies. Welcome to the club!

Next month, John Noble will nominate Benjamin Robinson and Debra Rosenbluth to fill the only vacancy, if their application and recommendations are in order. John is looking to streamline the process of admitting new members next year by contacting potential members and reminding them of the requirement of two letters of recommendation. Applicants who are high on the waiting list should be sure to attend a club orientation and to consider becoming involved in club activities now so that they will know members who can write recommendations for them. Volunteering to be a relief caretaker, helping during the workfests, and participating in club meetings are excellent activities to be involved in.

Treasurerís Report
Ned Goddard will present next yearís budget at the November meeting. He is looking for input from members as to improvements or suggestions for the Island. He pointed out the two land patents that are now framed and hanging on the wall in the clubhouse as an idea that had been suggested by Karen Possner. Send your ideas to

Ned did say that it is likely that there will be a recommendation for a dues increase for 2017. Our annual expenses are generally creeping up a small amount each year and there have been several large and unbudgeted expenses this year, such as filling in the old well, and a major increase (two-thirds more) in the cost of flood insurance.

Caretakerís Report
Joe Hage said that he will finish painting the outside of the caretakerís living room and therefore the entire exterior of the clubhouse this week. This includes repairing and/or replacing rotting wood in places and caulking. Ned commended Joe on the wonderful job he has done in painting the clubhouse Ė a round of applause from the assembled members reinforced the appreciation of the entire club for the great work done by the caretaker.

The Fall Workfest will be held on November 13, with a rain date of November 20. Volunteers are needed to rake, help with small carpentry projects, and trail maintenance on the path up the hill. Thereís always a great pot luck lunch in the early afternoon. Come for as much of the day as you can. If youíd like to help, but canít be there, email Joe Hage and ask for suggestions about what you could do.

Gerry Barton cleaned the chimney of the wood stove, which led to a suggestion that the wood stove be replaced with a safer, more energy efficient model, or possibly a pellet stove.

Gerry also said that the rope swing has been tied back to prevent folks from using it because it is showing considerable fraying.

Clayton Teague, a new member who was attending his first meeting, discussed the lighting along the path and what is needed to fix it, and offered to work with Richard Bertaut to repair it.

Relief Caretaker Schedulerís Report
Madeleine Carter expressed, by email, her gratitude to the relief caretakers who served us so well in the last month. They are Meredith Griggs, Madeleine Carter, Barbara Fisher, Miguel Browne, Silvija Strikis, John Lord and his son (our newest members did it twice!), Geoffrey and Tanya Cook, Chris Maggio, and Lisa Karlin. Thank you!

The meeting adjourned after just one hour! The next meeting will be held at 8:00 on November 9, on the Island. Please be there!

Respectfully submitted,
Ann Marie Cunningham
Co-Recording Secretary