Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

August 10, 2016

Lucky Marmon, Bill Marmon, Star Mitchell, Elizabeth Thomas,Geoff Holdridge,Jim Drew,Gerry Barton, Mike Petrilli, Dick Schleicher, CarolSchleicher,Mark Devito, Drew Walsh, Rololfo Castro, LisaCatalone Castro, Tryon Wells, Peter Friedmann, Debbie Friedmann

The minutes of the June meeting which had not been approved due to lack of quorum at the July meeting were unanimously approved.

Treasurerís Report

Membership Chairmanís Report
None. Attendees voted unanimously in favor of admitting Tom Umhau to membership in the club.

Captainís Report
Captain Drew Walsh reported that the safety cable to the ferry, which was taken out by a falling tree branch, was repaired by Joe Hage with the help of Gerry Barton. They will discuss replacing the cable and pulley system once the leaves fall off the trees. Assistant Captain Rudolfo Castro reported that he, along with David Winer and Steve Newman, installed a pole on the canoe dock that will assist paddlers getting in and out of canoes. Drew said there are several improvements they hope to make to the dock, such as bolting on ledge cubes and a bumper so that kayakers can get in and outmore easily. Jim Drew suggested having something at the end of the ramp to facilitate putting canoes on the canoe carrier. Gerry Barton expressed safety concerns over both the rope swing and the zip line, noting that he had witnessed accidents on both. Drew noted that the inspector for the clubís insurance company did not mention any concerns. He also thought that a safe webbing structure could be added to the branch that supports the swing.

Relief Caretaker Report
Madeleine Carter thanks the following for their caretaking service during August: Phoebe Hamill, Norman and Nancy Metzger, Eric Aaserud, Mark Wales, Meredith Griggs, Stephen Scholz, John Beck, Luca Anderlini. She is still looking for volunteers for September 17th and 24th from 2 to dusk and October 15th from 2 to dusk. The rest of the Saturdays in October and November are wide open. Please contact Madeleine at to volunteer.

New Business
Star Mitchell expressed her appreciation of the mention in The Islander that the Canoe Cruisers Association had dedicated its 2016 Roster and Handbook to her in honor of her many years of organizing the CCA Race.

Members requested an update on the Labor Day Regatta.

The Oldtimers/Goodtimers event is usually held in late September/early October. Lucky Marmon has organized this potluck lunch on the Island for the last three years but will be out of town this fall. Anyone willing to take over should contact Lucky (301 654 7893 or lucretiamarmon@ It is very easily organized and she has an instruction sheet to guide the organizer.

Gerry Barton reported that the granddaughter of former Sycamore Island Caretaker Frank Davis (dec. 1973) recently visited the Island. She and her family congregated around the old fireplace, which is dedicated to Frank.

Peter Friedmann praised the quality of the recent Islander and expressed his appreciation of Caretaker Joe Hage. The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, September 14th at 8:00 on the Island.

Respectfully submitted,
Lucky Marmon
Co-Recording Secretary.