Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

April 13, 2016

Bill Marmon, Sherry Fizdale, Sandra Purohit, Geoff Holdridge, Rodolfo Castro, Robin Richter, Tryon Wells, Chris White, Richard Bertaut, Karen Possner, Lenore Ostrowsky, Stan Fowler, Dan Smith, Kathy Carroll, Marianne Ross, Jim Drew, Ann Marie Cunningham, Ned Goddard, Drew Walsh

President Tryon Wells called the meeting to order.

The April minutes were amended by Sherry Fizdale to say that, in the incident reported last month where adolescents were standing in club canoes without life vests, the water temperature was below 55°, thus creating a very dangerous risk of hypothermia. The minutes were unanimously approved with the amendment.

Membership Report
John Noble had two wonderful events for us. The first was voting into membership seven new families, who applied in 2012. The new members are:
• Peter and Charlotte Dean and their three children Julian, Clara and Jack, who were sponsored and recommended by Kermit Roosevelt, Stan Fowler, and Peter Fuchs
• Nicole Fraser and Harley Feldbaum and their two children Nora and Maddox, who were sponsored and recommended by Andy Malmgren, Gerry Barton, and Bill Marmon
• Sandra and Raj Purohit, who were sponsored and recommended by Alan and Caroline Gelb, Robert Gelb, Linda Greer, and Mike Tilchin
• Gary and Linda Slayen, who were sponsored and recommended by Barbara Matthews, Jody and Bobby Benjamin, Tamara Zemlo and Chris White, and John Butler
• Drew Schaumber, who was sponsored and recommended by Patricia Roth, Lauren Bauer, and Jennifer and Davey Hearn
• Jamie and Daniel Smith and their three children Claire, Benjamin and Sarah, who were sponsored and recommended by Jim Drew, Rachael Moshman, and John Noble
• Clayton and Ellen Teague, who were sponsored and recommended by Geoff Holdridge, Martha Holdridge, and Tryon Wells

The next event was the new member lottery. 134 applicants had applied by the deadline, 38 are younger than 40, and 96 have passed their 40th birthday. Numbered poker chips were drawn, alternating between the two age groups. Each group gets 15 slots and 5 alternate slots in case some do not pay the application fee. A concern was voiced that some applicants had not met their sponsor; instead the sponsor had had a telephone interview with them. The response was that this does not get them admitted to the club; they have time to meet folks who will provide recommendations.

Potomac Watershed Clean-up
Ned Goddard reported that since only one person volunteered in advance, the Clean-up will be done on Sunday, April 17. A man and his son will help clean Ruppert’s Island. Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Ned Goddard reported that he received word from the IRS that the club’s Form 990 needed some revisions, which he has made and submitted. There were no fines or penalties. Ned reported that Lisa Kliefoth will present an update next month on the status of the dues payments. Despite the unbudgeted expense for filling the old well, the finances still appear sound.

Captain’s Report
Captain Drew Walsh reported that there are no major projects planned at this time. He thanked Joe Hage and Stan Fowler for the electrical work performed to repair the sconces. The sinkhole that was reported last month actually is an old well that was probably abandoned when the current clubhouse was built. It has been filled, and the appropriate papers will be filed with the county and state to show that the work has been done according to code. Other work that is planned or underway is to replace the windows in the quarters, complete painting the exterior, replace the screen door, repair and rewire the lighting system on the trail (possibly with solar power), and put a bumper and shelf on the canoe dock for kayakers. Rodolfo Castro and Dave Winer have developed a prototype bench with storage space where the back can be switched to either side.

The Island now receives power from Green Energy sources (wind, solar), as well as enrolled in PEPCO’s green energy program. Jared Farber’s company, Ethical Energy, provides the power as well as subsidizing the cost by providing green energy credits. The thermostats have been replaced and can be remotely controlled by the Caretaker and PEPCO during periods of high usage. The club can opt out of the program if it doesn’t meet with our approval.

Archivist’s Report
Jerry Barton has given Karen Possner every Islander since 1997, as well as other documents. She also noted reports on Island usage over the years and guest notes. She has enjoyed reading them, and selections of articles may appear in The Islander in the future.

New Business
Chris White reported that firefighters will come to familiarize themselves with the Island, in case there ever should be an emergency. Drew asked him if they might be able to teach water safety or CPR.

The meeting was adjourned.

The next meeting is Wednesday, May 11th, on the Island at 8:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Ann Marie Cunningham
Co-recording Secretary