Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

June 10, 2015

President Tryon Wells called the meeting to order at 8:00 p.m.

The April Minutes were approved unanimously.


Captain’s Report
Captain Drew Walsh reported via Tryon Wells that the new canoe dock is up and operating. The famed “Geezer Pole” —so dearly loved by all— is installed, but still a bit wobbly. “It will be stabilized,” said Geezer Pole Officianado David Winer. The swim dock and float are ready also except for painting. John Noble saluted Drew Walsh for his hard work on all projects.

Membership Report
Membership Chairman John Noble reported that all dues have been collected with the exception of those from three new members. The waiting list will be reduced from 60 to 45. The next lottery for spots on that waiting list will be April, 2016. Application for the lottery will be available online in January.

The club currently has 162 regular members, 76 senior members, 20 inactive members, 16 honorary members, and 45 on the waiting list. None of those on the waiting list are from the old waiting list.

President Tryon Wells noted that in the event that the number of person that move from the waiting list to membership each year is below what we originally predicted, we can make an adjustment of the number of persons added to the waiting list through the lottery.

Treasurer’s Report
Treasurer Ned Goddard reported that the club’s financial situation was similar to the way it was last year at this time. It is “on track.” As he pointed out at the last meeting, the $13,000 allotted for variable expenses, such as repairs and refurbishing, is close to being spent. Hopefully, we will not have any catastrophic problems that would require additional funding. Next year, when the club adds new members, there will be additional revenues. Like our former Treasurer Alan Gelb, Ned wants to keep a full year’s budget in the club reserve account.

Relief Caretaker’s Report
Thanks to the following members who served recently as relief caretakers: Lisa Hemmer, Linda Greer, Susan Dunham, Dan Schember, Peter and Debra Friedmann, Lynda and Gary Slayen, Kathy Kelley, Vicki Judson, Sue and Greg Super, Avi Garbow (Anderson), Meryl Silverman, Mark Carlin, Leslie and Casey Johnson, Abigail Wiebenson, Sherry Pettie Fizdale.

Relief Caretaker Supervisor Jody Benjamin said that there was a problem with adult children of club member using the club, bringing guests to the club and having parties. Some of them do not realize that once they leave home, usually after college, that they are no longer members.

Caretaker Joe Hage said that it wasn’t uncommon for adult children of members to visit the Island, since many of them have memories of great times there in their youth. He deals with the issue by letting them stay that one time, but reminds them that they are no longer members. They can come only as guests of their parent or of another member. They should be encouraged to enter the membership lottery in April.

Most members at the meeting felt that the real problem was members’ failure to acquaint themselves and their children with the basic rules, tenets, and privileges of club membership.

It was suggested that President Tryon Wells draft a “summary” of must-know rules around membership for next month’s Islander and also post it on the club website for quick and easy reference. The first “must-know” item are the club’s rules, which are contained in full, in the Bylaws and Standing Rules, which have been on the website for years.

It was suggested that a list of members be kept on the ferry. The ferry operator should introduce herself to passengers and ask for their names.

Another suggestion was to have a set age cut-off at, say 22, rather than two different ones—currently 18 for adult children who have moved out, and none for adult children still living at home.

It is members’ responsibility to know the rules and make sure their children know the rules.

Old Business
David Winer, who presented his wonderful Sycamore Island Club coffee mugs at the last meeting, announced that the price of the mugs would be $6.00/each. Persons who took home mugs at the last meeting should send checks to Ned Goddard, 6717 79th Street, Cabin John, MD 20818. No profit will be made on the sale of the mugs. Members will be able to buy them at meetings, parties, the Regatta, and clean-ups.

Star Mitchell reported that the Down River Race went well. Vicki Judson and John Stapko volunteered as "Safeties."

New Business
Joe Hage informed us that the second toilet in the ladies rest room was not broken, but simply turned off. The two toilets will be functional when there are larger groups of people on the Island. Members approved a large party request made by Vickie Judson for Sunday, August 9th. A large party request made by Donna Messersmith Jones for July 19th for 25 people was also approved.

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, July 8th, on the Island. The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Lucky Marmon
Co-Recording Secretary