Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

May 13, 2015

Lucky Marmon, Jane Winer, Tryon Wells, John Cunningham, Ann Marie Cunnngham, Peter Jones, David Winer, Jim Fulmer, Linda Phillips, Gordon Phillips, Marianne Ross, Meredith Griggs, Star Mitchell, Sherry Fitzdale, Karen Possner, Jody, Benjamin, Robert Benjamin

The meeting was called to order and the April Minutes were approved unanimously.


Treasurer’s Report
Treasurer Ned Goddard was not present, but reported that the club finances are in good shape, and tax filing would be completed by May 15th. The Capital Improvement and Repair budget has been spent, primarily on the new dock.

Captain’s Report
Captain Drew Walsh extended thanks to Peter Jones and Rodolfo Castro for removing the decking screws from the swim float.

There was a discussion about the very popular pole that, thanks to Dave Winer, was attached to the old canoe dock and helped many members get in and out of canoes more easily. It was not easy to install even back then. Dave Winer says that he has “taken this on,” and will strive to reinstall a pole. His idea, so far, might require some metal work. John Stapko will assist. The bottom line: This will be complicated.

The swim dock, Drew reported, would be in by the weekend, May 22nd. He is still contemplating how the club might use the dock that floated down the river and landed at Sycamore Island last year.

Old Business

New Business
Star Mitchell asked for volunteers to help with the Canoe Cruisers’ Down River Race on May 16th.

David Winer brought to the club the new, very attractive black mugs that bear crossed paddles and a Sycamore leaf. He purchased 144 of them. Many attendees took home mugs with the promise of paying for them as soon as the cost is determined.

Relief Caretakers’ Report
Jody Benjamin reported that there is a dire need for relief caretakers on Saturday mornings. She planned to send out an email alert to members and said she would include as well a request for safety monitors for the race.

It appears that many members are coming up with excuses for why they cannot fulfill their relief caretaker responsibilities. Members need to be reminded that unless one is unable physically to perform the task, it is part of a member’s obligation to the club. Those who can’t do it on Saturday can substitute on Sundays.

The following have served as relief caretakers since publication of the last Islander: Lisa Hemmer, Linda Greer, Susan Dunham and Dan Schember, Peter and Debra Friedman, Lynda and Gary Slayen, Kathy Kelley, Vicki Judson, Sue and Greg Super, Avi Garbow (Anderson).

Jane Winer, once again, brought a huge batch of scrumptious cookies. They disappeared quickly.

The next meeting will be on the Island on Wednesday, June 10th, at 8:00.

The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted
Lucky Marmon
Co-recording Secretary