Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

April 18, 2015

Barr Weiner, Bill Marmon, Jim Drew, Chris Stern, Marianne Ross, John Noble, Tryon Wells, Joe Kildea, Drew Walsh, Fred Pinkney, Richard Bertaut, Joe Hage, Dave Winer, and Ann Marie Cunningham

Call to Order and Minutes
The meeting was called to order by President Tryon Wells on the Island. The minutes of the March meeting were approved after being amended to show that Ned Goddard reported that the club received a tax refund (rather than credit) for the solid waste charge, and corrected the names of two new members—Barr Weiner and Joe Kildea.

Captain’s Report
As members were gathering for the meeting, Drew Walsh and a crew of volunteers—Chris Stern, David Holdridge, Fred Pinkney, David Winer, Joe Kildea, and Joe Hage carried lumber onto the Island. The following day, the new canoe dock was delivered, with assistance from Steve Newman, John Cunningham, Stan Wiggins, Richard Bertaut, Rodolfo Castro, Jody Benjamin, and Joe Hage. At the workfest on Sunday, April 12th, the lumber will be used to resurface some of the docks, and the new canoe dock will be assembled and launched with far more ease than previous ones. The new dock will be so much lighter and have a longer life span as it is made from a new composite material. If time permits, the dock that washed ashore will be repaired.

John Noble introduced Barr Weiner, Joe Kildea, and Chris Stern who were attending their first meeting as new members. He then nominated and the members present unanimously accepted Terry Topaz and Melanie Clark and Rachel Moshman and Zach Mason into membership.

John presented a list of organizations that receive a print edition of The Islander each month, which was pared to those that were felt to be important for historical or community purposes, such as the Washington Historical Society and the Glen Echo Fire Department.

Relief Caretakers Report
Jody Benjamin reported via email that due to high water, from February to mid- March, only Meredith Griggs actually served as caretaker, but we are very grateful to the willingness of volunteers Vicky Judson, Joe Kildea, May Ann Stern, Meredith Griggs (twice in one month!), Kevin Haley, and David Lyles. Once the ferry went back into service, Story and Josiah Jones, Jonathan Rose, and David Holdridge served, and we thank them for their efforts.

Caretaker's Report
Joe Hage reported that we may need a new grill and the HVAC system needs service.

Old Business
The Flower walk was held on Saturday, April 4th, on Rupperts Island. Paddling in the wind and through the whitecaps was a bit of a challenge, but the reward of finding the emerging spring ephemerals in the near pristine environment on Rupperts was amazing.

New Business
Dave Winer presented the design for the new Sycamore Island mugs. Dave eloquently described how the inward curve is especially advantageous in that it prevents one from burning lips when drinking hot coffee in bed. Rodolfo Castro donated his graphic design skills in the creation of the mug. The mugs will be available for less than $10 at club events.

There was some discussion about creating patches, stickers, or other mechandise. Joe Kildea will provide a merchandising report that shows what types of merchandise are most popular.

The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted
Ann Marie Cunningham
Co-recording Secretary