Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

March 11, 2015

Attendees: Gerry Barton, Melanie Clark, Lauren Bauer, Geoff Holdridge, Bettina Stern, Karen Possner, Rodolfo Castro, David Winer, Ann Marie Cunningham, Star Mitchell, Tove A. Ektstrom, Jim Drew, Tryon Wells, Lucky Marmon, Maureen Jeffreys, Michael Bergsman, Jeff Kamarow, Ned Goddard, Richard Bertaut, Meredith Griggs, Joseph Kildea, Judy Lentz

Club President Tryon Wells called the meeting to order.

The January 2015 minutes were approved unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report
Treasurer Ned Goddard reported that Montgomery County has given the club a tax credit of $3,400 for a solid waste charge made on last July’s property tax. Goddard pointed out to county officials that the club does not generate waste. What garbage we have is taken off the Island by club members. The club also received a $100 credit for the cell phone we give to our caretaker, Joe Hage. Joe has been given a different phone.

Members’ Club dues are coming in on schedule. So far, we have received $40,000 in dues.

Membership Chairman’s Report
Chairman John Noble’s report was delivered by Richard Bertaut. In this 2015 dues cycle, 10 members have or will move to senior status, thus creating new openings for regular membership. He noted that six applicants would be presented at this meeting (March 11) and four will be presented at the April meeting. The waiting list will be reduced to 46 applicants. Dues payment by the 2015 deadline was good. Results from the intensive follow-up with nonpayers will determine either valid inadvertent losing of membership or a decision not to continue membership. Twenty six applicants paid for passes for 2015. Candidates presented for membership were the following: Christopher and Bettina Stern, Michael Bergsman and Maureen Jeffreys, Michael Borek and Rebecca Beynon, Joseph Kilea, John Weiner and Caroline Shiffer, Lauren Bauer. Four of the six were present, and all six were unanimously voted into membership.

Archivist Report
Archivist Karen Possner noted that she had recently received a document written in 1920 that relates to the Island. She urges members who possess other relevant documents to give them to her. Older documents that were once stored on the Island or at Tryon Wells’ home are kept at the Washington Historical Society. Many of our documents such as The Islander, Minutes, and reports have been stored online and are available on the club’s website.

Captain’s Report
Captain Drew Walsh reported that he and a small cadre of club members have been looking into a replacement option for the canoe dock. Their hope is to have a dock that is esthetically pleasing and lighter and easier to put in and take out each spring and fall. Drew wanted feedback from members about the various options he and his small group have been researching.

One option is the Candock, a Canadian product, which is made up of modular floating units or cubes that are connected at the corners. The Candock floats about two inches down in the water. Rudolfo Castro, who has helped to put out the dock in the past, stressed the importance of purchasing a dock that is lighter than our traditional wooden dock. He has forwarded information to Drew about an aluminum framed dock that can be clad with a variety of materials, including plastic. A resolution was passed authorizing the group that has been working on this issue to explore the options and decide on a dock that meets budget constraints as well as the other criteria. In the meantime, the old dock can be used. New Business: Judy Lentz asked to permission to host a party that would celebrate her husband’s life on June 6th. John Lentz was an avid canoeist and contributed greatly to the club over many years. Her request was approved unanimously.

One member of the wait list requested permission to hold a large party on the Island on June 20th. Lucky Marmon explained that in addition to having large parties approved at a monthly meeting, there is a form that needs to be filled out and certain eligibility requirements that need to be met in order to host a large party. She referred the applicant to the information on large parties on the Island website.

Jim Drew congratulated Caretaker Joe Hage on the quality and content of his blog in The Islander. Jim particularly enjoyed the recent quote from the Metallica song, “TrappedUnder Ice,” which pretty much sums up Joe’s existence on the Island this winter.

David Winer has designed an attractive Sycamore Island Club logo that can be used on coffee mugs, shirts and other Island paraphernalia. Attendees authorized him to purchase 144 10 oz. mugs for $5.40 each. These will be sold for $10 or less at events such as the upcoming Work Fest, the summer Regatta, and the Solstice Dance.

The Work Fest is Sunday, April 12th, starting at 9:00. Bring food to share at a potluck lunch.

The next meeting will be on Wednesday, April 8th, on the Island.

Respectfully submitted
Lucky Marmon
Co-recording Secretary