Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

December 10, 2014

Lucky Marmon, Alan Gelb, John Membrino, Caroline Gelb, Karen B. Possner, Mary Tisdale, Steve Newman, Jane Winer, Jody Benjamin, Diane Noble, Louise Meyer, David Winer, John Lentz, Judy Lentz, Meredith Griggs, Stan Wiggins, John Noble, Edward, Sherry Fizdale, Christine Henny, Ned Goddard, Jeff Komarow, Cecily Abram, Robin Richter, Bill Eichbaum, Bruce Gaber, Renee Dunham, Star Mitchell, Marianne and Phil Ross, and Jim Drew

Call to Order and Minutes
The meeting was called to order by President Bill Marmon at the lovely home of Diane and John Noble. The minutes of the November meeting were approved.

Ann Marie Cunningham read the nominees for officer and supervisory positions, and thanked those that are continuing in their previous roles as well as the new folks who are stepping up to assume new responsibilities. There were special commendations to Bill Marmon for his service as president. Tryon Wells was recognized for stepping up to that role. The complete slate was printed in the November Islander.

Treasurers Report
Ned Goddard reported that volunteers and our Caretaker did a lot of work on the Island this year. There were repairs and upgrades to the Caretakerís Quarters and many purchases, including a new lawnmower, tools, and safety equipment. Our primary asset is our Caretaker, who, with the help of many volunteers, helped to minimize costs. Despite their efforts, expenditures exceeded the budget. However, due to the lottery that brought in additional revenue from new members selected from the waiting list, we were close to revenue neutral in 2014. Ned noted that there will be no lottery in 2015 to bring in this extra revenue, even though our current costs need to be maintained to protect our facilities and support our Caretaker.

Ned promised that he will be vigilant and ďhold the lineĒ on expenditures in the 2015 budget but that a small increase in dues will be necessary, which has been discussed in previous meetings. He recommended an increase of 5%, the first increase in two years, applied to all dues and fees. The regular dues will increase from $358 to $375, senior dues and waiting list passes from $179 to $188, and the waiting list fee from $30 to $32. Members with any questions relating to the budget should contact the treasurer. The budget was approved.

Ned also reported that he expected a refund with interest from the County for being overcharged for solid waste removal. He expressed gratitude at the confidence that he has received.

Captainís Report
Drew Walsh reported that there was a low turnout for the workfest, possibly because there had not been an email reminder sent to all. He is considering a new rule to encourage volunteerism, in addition to the current one that allows folks on the wait list to earn a pass to use the Island. Drew was commended for his hard work and creative ideas in maintaining our Island paradise.

Print version of The Islander
As a result of the announcement in the December Islander to cease printing and mailing of the print version of The Islander, John Noble volunteered to looking into printing costs that would be passed directly to those who wish to continue receiving it. A motion was passed to continue the current mailing until February. This gives John the time to look into options and for notification to those who currently receive the print version.

Relief Caretakerís Report
Jody Benjamin reported that Kathy Carroll, Penelope Mitchell, Christy and Garth Ross, John Lord, Joe and Tammy Belden, and Greg Hitz have served as caretakers since the last meeting. We are grateful to those who it make possible for us to enjoy the Island. We expressed our gratitude to John and Diane Noble for their hospitality. The meeting was adjourned so that we could all enjoy each otherís company and the tasty refreshments that had been contributed.

Respectfully submitted,
Ann Marie Cunningham
Co-Recording Secretary