Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

November 12, 2014

Ned Goddard, John Noble, Gerry Barton, Rodolf Castro, Jim Drew, Dave Winer, Geoff Holdridge, Tryon Wells, Karen Possner, Drew Walsh, Sherry Fizdale, Lucky Marmon

Webmaster Tryon Wells, standing in for club President Bill Marmon, called the meeting to order.

Attendees introduced themselves.

The October Minutes were approved unanimously.

Tryon reports that the monthly Islander will henceforth be distributed only by email.

Treasurer’s Report
Treasurer Nick Goddard presented the 2015 draft budget to be distributed at the club’s December meeting. Ned reported that projected expenditures through the end of December 2014 are expected to exceed the budgeted amount of $85,086 by 14%, for a total of $96,589. The club’s reserve of $84,000 allowed for some leeway in spending on additional safety equipment, Officers and Directors insurance, painting, roof and gutter repairs, and various member-requested capital expense items. An expected credit of $3,400 from Montgomery County for solid waste removal as well as a “bump” from the everyother- year membership lottery is estimated to close the gap between budget and actual expenditure.

The club’s 2015 draft budget, which is adjusted to inflation (taken from Consumer Price Index of 1.6% as of October 2014), reflects increases in fixed operational costs similar to past years with greater increases in the variable categories, such as facilities and social budget. The total amount budgeted for 2015 is $89,409, an increase of 5% over 2014. The club will continue to have the same pressures to maintain facilities, replace equipment, and fund new projects. In light of a projected budget shortfall, Ned is recommending an increase in member dues of 5 percent.

The 2015 budget is submitted and voted upon by the membership at the December meeting.

Captain’s Report
Captain Drew Walsh presented a proposal for facilities maintenance, new projects, and additional equipment for 2015 in the amount of $17,305. This proposal is several thousand dollars over what had been allotted in these categories in the Treasurer’s budget. Drew recommended that club dues be increased by 10% instead of 5%. He also suggested that money could be raised through the purchase of wait list passes.

Members recommended that new projects and equipment purchases be prioritized. Some can be postponed to 2016; others can be addressed on an individual basis next year. Emergencies can be covered by the club’s Reserve Fund.

A straw vote was taken favoring a 5% increase in membership dues.

Drew reminded everyone to attend the Fall Work Fest on Sunday, Nov. 16th and asked for volunteers to head up various projects.

Relief Caretakers’ Report
Jodi and Bobby Benjamin reported that the following members and wait list members served as relief caretakers over the past month: Robin Richter, Norman and Nancy Metzger, John Cunningham, Garret Rasmussen, Nancy Shute and Roman Kulbashny, Meredith Griggs, Robert Braunchler, John Lord, and Madeleine Carter (Graham). Jodi and Bobby thanked all of them for keeping the ferry running.

The Holiday party and December meeting will be held at the home of John and Diane Noble, 7024 Arandale Road, Bethesda, MD 20815. Important: Please bring food and drink to share.

The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Lucky Marmon
Co-Recording Secretary