Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

April 9, 2014

John Noble, Ann Lucy, Roger Herst, Ned Goddard, Drew Walsh, Lisa Kliefoth, Nat Reid, Star Mitchell, Rachel Rudy, David Winer, Bill Marmon, Alice Bullard, Jim Drew, Jane Winer, Marianne Ross, Tryon Wells, Richard Bertaut, Trip Reid, and Ann Marie Cunningham

Call to Order and Minutes
The meeting was called to order by President Bill Marmon on the Island. The minutes of the March 12, 2014 meeting were approved.


Financial Report
Lisa Kleifoth reported that she had made the last deposit of dues payments that day. She said that 42% of the members paid in January, 42% in February, and the rest paid in March, for a total of $90,500. She hopes that in the future, dues payment will become as routine as the sun rising, so that additional prompting isn’t necessary to secure payment. Installment payments are available for those who prefer them. More and more members are making online payments.

Captain’s Report
Drew Walsh reports that the workfest will be held on Sunday, April 13, with the main task being to put the floats in the water. Once that is complete, everyone will enjoy the pot luck lunch.

Roger Herst led us all in a chant of “Safety, Safety, Safety!” He is concerned that the state could shut down all swimming if there is an incident. He proposed purchasing a rescue surfboard with handles that is very easy to launch and easy to hang on to. This would be kept near the swim float. The aluminum canoe could be moved near the captain’s float. Roger will write an article about safety that will stress that we are all responsible for the safety of children, guests, and members.

Greens Committee Report
Alice Butler will publish notes of the committee meeting that will describe the satellite photos they studied to determine the growth and shrinkage of the Island over time, and their plans for fall plantings that may help slow the erosion on the upriver side.

Membership Report
John Noble proposed the election of new members.

Nat Reid grew up on the Island, as he is the son of long-time member Trip Reid. Nat is the director of Dayspring Retreat Center. His wife Rachel Rudy first came to the Island 20 years ago and is a landscape designer. They have two children, Leland, 8, and Daniel, 6. They were recommended by Ann Satterthwaite and Thomas Edsall.

Thomas Haley fell in love with the Island as a guest of friends Louise Mayer, Bernard Veuthey, and Cora Shaw, and has been actively supporting the club by pulling the ferry and supporting workfests. He was recommended by Jody and Bobby Benjamin and Drew Walsh. Please welcome our new members.

There are now three vacancies which will be filled at the next meeting. The club receive 114 applications for the waiting list, with 34 in the age group of 39 or younger, and 80 in the older group. 12 applicants’ names were drawn from each group to be placed on the waiting list. The applicants will receive an invitation to join the waiting list, and will have 15 days to respond. Thanks to Elizabeth Thomas who helped organize the database used for the lottery.

Caretaker’s Report
Jody and Bobby Benjamin expressed gratitude to the stalwart volunteers who harnessed the ferry and pulled it through the vicissitudes of March weather. They are Kevin Haley, Thomas Gibbon, Alice Bullard (Waite), Chris Weals (Hancock), Sandi and Jeff Komarow, Russell Sturm and Michele McNally, Steve Taswell and Joey Lampl, Moll Carr and mac Thornton, and Gerry Barton.

New Business
The Summer Solstice party has been a wonderful tradition on the Island, with a live band, pot luck, dancing, karaoke, and activities for the kids. It is in need of an organizer. Joe Hage is always willing to help the organizer pull it together, and Jane Winer is willing to share her experience. But they need a leader. Please help!

Canal By Canoe
Joe Hage continues his efforts to bring awareness to the water and waterways around us. This time he is partnering with Mary Kearney in an exploration by canoe of the entire length of the beautiful C&O Canal, from Cumberland, MD to Washington, DC, May 5–17. They are doing this to promote the work of the C&O Canal Trust to protect, restore, and promote the canal. Follow their trip on their website

The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Co-recording Secretary