Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

December 11, 2013

Karen Possner, Stan Wiggins, Jane Winer, Steve Newman, Star Mitchell, Richard Lodish, Jonathan Zimmerman, Michael Bergsman, Maureen Jeffreys, Rodolfo Castro, Bill Eichbaum, Gerald Stanley Barton, Drew Walsh, Jeff Komarow, Ann Lucy, Jim Drew, Louise Meyer, Lucky Marmon, John Butler, Renee Butler, Tryon Wells, Rosalie Fedoruk, David Winer, Jody Benjamin, Robert Benjamin, Sherry Fizdale, Joe Hage, Christine Henny, Natalie Ambrose, Davey Hearn, John Noble, Penelope Mitchell, John Cunningham, Susanna Membrino, John Membrino, Charlotte Brewer, Lynda Slayen, Gary Slayen, Judy Lentz, and Ann Marie Cunningham.

The meeting was called to order by President Bill Marmon at the lovely home of Lynda and Gary Slayen.

The minutes of the November 13, 2013 meeting were approved as published in The Islander.

New Business
Election of Officers. The following officers and supervisors were elected to serve during 2014.

  • President: Bill Marmon
  • Vice President: Tyron Wells
  • Co-Recording Secretary: Ann Marie Cunningham
  • Co-Recording Secretary: Lucky Marmon
  • Treasurer: Ned Goddard
  • Financial Secretary: Lisa Kliefoth
  • Membership Secretary: John Noble
  • Editor: Carol Beehler
  • Archivist: Karen Possner
  • Captain: Drew Walsh
  • Deputy Captain: Steve Newman
  • Finance: Bill Eichbaum
  • Law: Vacant
  • Clubhouse: Marianne Ross
  • Grounds: Ann Lucy
  • Painting/Carpentry: Karl Kosok
  • Website: Tryon Wells
  • Entertainment: George and Shelley Malusky
  • Camping/Parties: Jonathan Zmmerman
  • Canoeing: John Membrino
  • Swimming: Roger Herst
  • Relief Caretaking Scheduling: Jody Benjamin
Treasurer’s Report
Treasurer-elect Ned Goddard provided the budget report on behalf of out-going treasurer Alan Gelb, who is in South Africa. Ned reported that the actual expenditures thus far and the estimated ones for the remainder of this month put the 2013 expenditures very close to the budgeted amount of $82,828. There have been no significant surprises this year. If estimates are close to accurate, it leaves $84,000 in the treasury, up from $78,182 last year, which is significant in that it would be the first time in Alan’s memory that the carry-over is as great as the actual budget.

The proposed budget for 2014 is $85,086, an increase of 1.5%, which is approximately equal to the Consumer Price Index. The second largest part of the budget continues to be insurance, which is $21,000 for all types combined, including medical, liability, and flood. Changes and/or additions to insurance will be considered in 2014 and will be discussed after further investigation. The budget also includes service on the construction notes, which will end in 2019. There will be no dues increase.

A motion to accept the budget was made and approved.

Many of the members expressed praise and gratitude for the service Alan Gelb provided to the club in his many years as treasurer. Ned recognizes the big shoes he has to fill. There was a round of applause that Alan couldn’t hear in South Africa, but his wife Caroline probably heard it in Bethesda. Bill Eichbaum offered a resolution commending Alan for his service, which was carried by acclamation.

John Noble reported that the club has its full complement of 160 member families. The application for membership form is on the website. Between January 1 and March 31, John will accept applications. A lottery will be held to select those that will be placed on the waiting list. A year end report in the next Islander will provide details.

A concern was expressed that the form requires that the applicant assume liability for himself and family, but not guests. The form will be reviewed.

Relief Caretaking
Jody Benjamin reported by email that Ned Goddard, Robert Braunohler, David Lyles, Nancy Shute and Roman Kulbashny, Kathy Carroll, Julia Strasser, Meg Beuchert Jones, Rodolfo Castro, and John and Susanna Membrino served as relief caretakers in November. While we greatly appreciate all that volunteer, it is especially noteworthy that Ned Goddard, David Lyles, Julia Strasser, and Meg Jones served as relief caretakers twice this year.

Our president expressed gratitude to our hosts Lynda and Gary Slayen, applicants for membership, who graciously invited us into their lovely home where the red sofas and colorful décor created a very festive environment for the annual meeting and holiday party.

The meeting was adjourned so that all could enjoy the hospitality, food, drink and camaraderie.

Respectfully submitted,
Ann Marie Cunningham>
Co-recording Secretary