Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

September 11, 2013

Sherry Pettie Fizdale, Jody Benjamin, Roger Herst, Jane Winer, Dave Winer, Ann Lucy, Karen Possner, Ned Goddard, Bill Marmon, Ann Marie Cunningham, Drew Walsh, Lucky Marmon, Joe Hage, Richard Bertaut

President Bill Marmon called the meeting to order.

Bill welcomed the Club’s new officers: Swimming Supervisor Roger Herst and Ned Goddard, who will take over for Alan Gelb as Treasurer in January. There was great enthusiasm for Ned Goddard’s lead photo in the September issue of The Islander.

The minutes of the August meeting were approved as published in The Islander.

Bill Marmon showered “bravos” on Cindy Bertaut and her trusty helper, husband Richard, for producing a spectacular Regatta. The array of races and games was impressive enough, but Cindy’s incredible can-do and relaxed manner was amazing.

Caretaker Joe Hage reported that eight persons from the U.S. Geological Service recently came to the Island. They borrowed boats to take readings of the river as part of their search for the best future site for their equipment. Ann Marie Cunningham will try to schedule a presentation by the USGS at a monthly meeting.

Treasurer’s Report
Captain Drew Walsh thanked Karen Possner and Stan Wiggins for donating bricks that enabled the completion of the tool shed landing. Karl Kosok will try to procure plastic-frame screen doors for the club house. Drew Walsh reported that there are plans to paint the club house. Joe Hage is beginning the prep work and Jodi Benjamin will lead a volunteer painting group. Members shouldn’t fear that they will have to climb dangerous ladders.

Joe and Drew reported that the club house roof also needs some repairs, particularly the areas over Joe’s kitchen and the club house kitchen. Joe and Drew are awaiting the availability of their preferred contractor. Members gave approval for this work to go forward. Drew has procured a new ping-pong table for the club. The Fall Workfest is scheduled for Sunday, November 10th. Rain date: Sunday, November 17th. Time: 9:00 am. As usual, there will be a potluck lunch.

Membership Report
The Membership Chairman was not in attendance. Bill Marmon reported that the application process will be open from January 1, 2014 until March 31, 2014. The lottery will be held in April 2014. Persons on the original (old) waiting list will be the first asked to fill vacant slots. This time round, they must either join when called or drop off the waiting list.

Relief Caretaker’s Report
Chairman Jody Benjamin thanked those who had performed as relief caretakers from mid-August to early September. They are the following: Lynda and Gary Slayen (they served twice), Sandra Young and Raj Purohit, Phoebe Hamill, Ned Goddard, Geoff Holdridge and Bonnie Roberts, Julia and Peter Smith.

There was a discussion about the importance of having all persons visiting the Island sign the sheet on the ferry. Adults members must sign in for children and their guests. Each person’s name must be written. The sign-in sheet is a waiver of liability. Some suggestions: 1. The person operating the ferry should announce the sign-in policy as people board the ferry and not push off until everyone has signed. 2. There should be a sign on the ferry explaining this policy. 3. All members should be asked to sign a waiver assuming responsibility for their family members and their guests when they send in their annual membership dues.

Swimming Supervisor’s Report
Roger Herst said that he takes a two-fold approach to his new responsibility: that people enjoy the water and that swimming on the Island is safe. He noted that whistles, which should be on the docks and float, are not yet part of the safety equipment. A number of people have witnessed dangerous swimming practices at the Island. In one case, a child who could not swim was taken by his mother into the middle of the river with only a noodle to support him. At the Regatta, there were 8 children swimming off the float and no parent was at the dock or in the water. One member’s instructions to swimmers that diving was not allowed was overturned by a parent who said, “A shallow dive is okay.” It was agreed that supervision at the swim dock is mandatory. If a child is swimming, his parent must be there. There was a discussion of how this can be enforced. Suggestions: swim rules be posted on the ferry and every member in the family be required to attend a orientation on swimming safety. During events such as the Regatta, member volunteers would take shifts at the swim dock alongside parents. Joe suggested tying permission to swim to river levels. Roger has already removed some of the “noodles” from the swim area. The issue of swim safety will be readdressed in the spring before warm weather once again lures us into the water.

Environment Committee
Greens Committee member Ann Lucy reported that previous plantings are doing well. Drew Walsh has some projects scheduled that are part of the Master Plan.

Archivist Report
Bill Marmon asked Karen Possner to maintain hard copies of by-laws and standing rules after they have been revised and updated on the website so that the club will have a record of the old rules.

Camping on the Island
The club’s by-law regarding camping states that persons wishing to camp must coordinate with the camping supervisor and the caretaker. There have been several occasions recently where persons just showed up to camp without checking with camping supervisor Jay Zimmerman. It was suggested that those wishing to camp check with Jay a week in advance so that Joe is not caught off guard. It was also suggested that Jay email a "camping permit" to a prospective camper who has received the green light to camp. The camper can present it to Joe when he or his group arrives on the island.

Ann Marie suggested that The Islander have a monthy highlight box where a topic of interest, such a camping or the Workfest, is discussed in detail.

Calendar Items
Old Timers/New Timers/Good Timers Luncheon Potluck—Tuesday, October 1st 11:30–2:30.

Bill Marmon is seeking hosts for winter meetings, beginning in December (2nd Wednesdays at 8:00), when it is too cold to meet on the Island.

Also needed
A host for the Holiday Party the evening of December 11th.

The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Lucky Marmon
Co-recording Secretary