Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

August 14, 2013

President Bill Marmon called the meeting on the Island to order.

Lucky Marmon, Bill Marmon, Tryon Wells, Jody Benjamin, Gerry Barton, David Winer, Ann Lucy, Jim Drew, John Noble, John Membrino, Larry Heilman, Alan Gelb, Ann Marie Cunningham, Drew Walsh

Bill Marmon brought to members’ attention a story which appeared in the Sunday, August 11, Washington Post about the perils of the Potomac River at and near Great Falls. It is mounted on cardboard and standing for all to see and read in the club house.

Treasurer’s Report
At the end of July, the club had a balance of $117,000 in the treasurer’s account. Our operations spending over the current year was almost $50,000. Barring unfortunate and costly events, we are on track to spend $85,000 in 2013. This would leave us with a carryover balance (reserve) of about $82,000—a little below our long-run target of one year’s spending, but pretty close.

This opens up the question of whether the club should consider partial prepayment of the Notes taken out to fund the rebuilding of the clubhouse a few years ago. Following the discussion of this option at the meeting, Alan agreed to prepare a proposal for consideration later in the year.

Captain’s Report
Captain Drew Walsh discussed replacement of the screen doors leading to the club porch. Member Tove Elstrom recommends that PVC or metal replacement doors be considered.

Drew reported that Joe Hage’s trail crew worked hard to clear overgrowth around the curlicue bridge and the high small path leading to it. They also did work near the upper parking lot.

Joe Hage has built a kayak stand for club kayaks.

Drew reports that he is planning to purchase a new ping pong table. Tryon Wells offered to help with the selection, aiming towards buying a high end table that will last a long time.

Membership Report
Membership Chair John Noble reports that there are no vacancies.

Canoe Supervisor
Canoeing Supervisor John Membrino reported that special canoe instruction classes held in the past have been sparsely attended. Frank Daspit is the instructor and those who have attended his classes give rave reviews. How to beef up attendance? It was suggested that the instruction be coupled with new member orientation session. There will be more discussion of this in the future as it was felt that while a great deal of attention has been paid to swimming safety, canoeing skills and canoe safety need to be addressed.

Relief Caretaking Scheduling
Jody Benjamin thanked those members who volunteered as relief caretakers during July and early August. They are: Adrienne Allison, Topaz Terry and Melanie Clark, Rachel Rudy and Nat Reid, Louise Meyer, Ann Marie and John Cunningham, Julia Strasser and Andrew Cassidy, Julie Saulnier and Mark Friedrichs, Sandra Young and Raj Purohit, Penelope Mitchell, Fred Wright, Ashley Baquie, and Bruce Delaplaine.

Old Business
The motion to amend Standing Rule 2 by adding section g that reads, “Smoking is prohibited in the clubhouse, deck, and toolshed” was voted on and passed.

New Business
Chairman of the Special Nominating Committee, David Winer, reported that the committee has selected Roger Herst as the new Supervisor of Swimming. Roger agreed to serve and his appointment was approved unanimously. It was suggested that the swimming safety committee meet with Roger to brief him thoroughly on members’ concerns for water safety and the steps taken so far to promote it.

Jim Drew and others commented that Roger will “have big shoes to fill,” noting that former Swim Supervisor Larry Heilman has put incredible energy and effort into making the Island a safer place to swim and paddle. Thank you, Larry.

Labor Day Regatta
Bill Marmon said that he would contact Cindy Bertaut, who in the past has organized the Club’s Labor Day Regatta. Subsequently, Cindy agreed to schedule the event for Labor Day, Monday, September 2.

Fishing Derby
Bill Marmon agreed to contact George Malusky regarding the annual Fishing Derby. Subsequently, George scheduled the Derby for Saturday, September 28.

Annual Young Timers/Old Timers Mid-week Potluck Lunch
This event is scheduled for 11:30 on Tuesday, October 1, with the rain date of Tuesday, October 8. The next meeting will be held on the Island on Wednesday, September 11, at 8: 00 pm. The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Lucky Marmon
Co-recording Secretary