Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

July 10, 2013

Alice Bullard, Ned Goddard, Jim Drew, Drew Walsh, Jody Benjamin, John Noble, Sherry Fizdale, Louise Meyer, Geoff Holdridge, Joe Hage, and Ann Marie Cunningham.

Vice President Sherry Fizdale called the meeting to order. The minutes of the June meeting as published in The Islander were approved.

Ann Marie Cunningham received an email from Joe Bell of the US Geological Survey in which he said that work on the project to relocate certain instruments that measure water quality had been suspended due to funding restrictions as a result of sequestration. He hopes that in October they can begin again. He extended an offer to come to the Island to speak about water quality. Ann Marie will make arrangements for such a presentation. Watch The Islander for details.

John Noble nominated, and the members present accepted, Catherine Bourassa and her son into membership. They were recommended by Judy Lentz and Renee Butler. This brings the number of regular members to maximum of 160.

Captainís Report
Drew Walsh reported Joe Hage has taken on a lot of small projects to improve the clubhouse and grounds. On Sunday, July 12, he will lead a group of members in a work project to clear the path down from the parking lot as part of the Canal Steward Volunteer Program.

Drew also reported that Ann Lucy was hospitalized after a fall in her home. John Noble will send her a card to wish her a speedy recovery.

Relief Caretaking Report
On behalf of all members, Jody Benjamin expressed appreciation and gratitude to those members who volunteered as relief caretakers during the month of June. Thank you, John Butler, Birgit Anne and Brian Waidmann, David Powell, Penny and Bob McNulty, Marianne Ross, Elizabeth Taylor, Susan Dunham and Dan Schember, Eric Simpson, Penelope Mitchell, and Kevin Haley.

Old Business
A motion had been made to amend Standing Rule 2 to prohibit smoking in the clubhouse, decks, and tool shed, and was to have been considered at the May meeting. However, members had not received notice of this amendment as The Islander was received after the meeting. The amendment will be considered at the August meeting.

New Business
John Noble expressed his pleasure at seeing the photography and layout of the July Islander, particularly the photos of the children jumping from the swim float and the butterflies.

The next meeting with be on the Island on August 14th at 8:00. The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Ann Marie Cunningham
Co-recording Secretary