Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

May 8, 2013

Drew Walsh, Richard Lodish, Jay Zimmerman, Gerry Barton, Miriam Pemberton, Alan Pemberton, Bill Marmon, Jim Drew, John Noble, David Winer, Lucky Marmon, Tryon Wells, Star Mitchell, Ann Marie Cunningham, Joe Hage, Sherry Fitzdale

President Bill Marmon called the meeting to order.

The Islander was not distributed in time for the May meeting. The minutes for the April meeting were distributed in hard copy and were approved. The motion to amend standing rules regarding smoking in the clubhouse will be addressed at the June meeting. The deadline for The Islander is the Friday before the first Wednesday of the month. Submissions not received by that date will not be included.


Treasurerís Report

Financial Secretaryís Report

Captainís Report
Captain Drew Walsh reported the following:
The swim safety committee is still working on putting the safety equipment in place. The ferry cable will be replaced. Joe has worked hard to replace rotted boards on the canoe dock and on the club house deck. Dave Winer has worked on completing two rolling benches in the tool shed. Gerry Barton has worked on this project as well, topping off the tool shed project with a door knob.

Membership Chairmanís Report
John Noble submitted a written report. No one showed up for the May 5th orientation meeting, probably due to lack of publicity. Ten waiting list members have not yet attended an orientation. One member became eligible for senior status, leaving room for a new member. One wait list family that had become eligible for membership has moved out of town and declined membership.

Catherine and Robert McNish and Shira Stutzman/Russell Shaw will be elible for membership and upon presentation of letters of recommendation will be voted into membership at the June 12 meeting.

Miriam and Alan Pemberton were approved and welcomed as new members.

Tryon Wells will be distributing an up-to-date membership roster within the next few weeks. Those 60Ė70 members who receive an online Islander will receive their roster online.

Thirty-seven applicants purchased wait list passes this year.

Large Party Chairmanís Report
Party Chair John Zimmerman reported that John Noble will be hosting a party for the Triathalon Club. There will be an openwater training swim on May 9th. Members are welcome to participate.

Caretaker Joe Hage reported that there have been an increasing number of requests for camping overnights. There was some discussion about amending the large party rules to include a one-week notification requirement for these events. While no rule was put in place, John Zimmerman, Supervisor of Camping and Large Parties, would appreciate being advised about these plans one week in advance.

Swimming Supervisor
Larry Heilman is stepping down from this position, effective May 1. Bill Marmon made a motion that Larry be commended for his yeoman service in this very difficult job. He applauded Larry for his hard work and dedication to make our Island safe for children, adult members and their guests. The motion was carried unanimously and with applause. Possible candidates for this job were recommended.

Old Business
Ann Marie Cunningham reviewed for attendees the request by the U.S. Geological Survey to install on the island gauges and other equipment that would measure pollution in the Potomac River. She recapped the presentation made by USGS rep. Joseph Bell at last monthís meeting recorded in the April minutes. Since April, Bell has conferred with his USGS colleagues and has scheduled a visit of his team to the island on May 20th. He will submit a proposal to the special committee headed by Ann Marie. The committee will make a recommendation to the membership about whether to go forward with the project. It is understood that the Island Board could decide to terminate the project at any point.

New Business
Star Mitchell talked about the Canoe Cruisers race scheduled Saturday, May 11th, and expressed concern about the high water levels predicted for that day. In all likelihood, the Island would be closed. She had decided to move the celebratory party off island to the grassy knoll near the highway and requested help.

VP Sherry Fizdale who also serves on the safety committee suggested that children of members who come to the island without adults be required to attend a safety orientation. It was decided to continue this discussion at the next meeting.

It was also recommended that the Large Party Chairman suggest to hosts of a big party or a gathering for children that a qualified individual or individuals be designated or hired to supervise the swimming and boating activities of their guests.

The next meeting will be on the Island on June 12th at 8:00 pm. Come early! Picnic! Enjoy!

Respectfully submitted,
Lucky Marmon
Co-Recording Secretary