Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

March 13, 2013

Gerry Barton, Charlotte Brewer, Jim Drew, Sandy Robinson, Bill Marmon, Lucky Marmon, Jeff Komarow, Alan Gelb, Tryon Wells, Drew Walsh, John Noble, Joe Hage, Larry Heilman, David Winer, Jane Winer

President Bill Marmon called the meeting to order. The minutes for the February meeting were approved.

Bill thanked Gerry Barton and Tryon Wells for alerting members to the fact that the river level was too high to operate the ferry safely. The meeting was moved to the Marmon home.

Tryon Wells reported that the raccoon that had attacked a woman on the canal in February was dead.

Treasurer’s Report
Treasurer Alan Gelb noted that the club was "on track."

Treasurer Alan Gelb confirmed his earlier notification that after 14 years as treasurer he will step down at the end of this year. Alan reported that member Ned Goddard, who has had experience as treasurer for other non-profit organizations, has agreed to take the job in January 2014. A motion to instruct the club nominating committee in November to name Goddard as candidate for treasurer was passed unanimously.

Financial Secretary’s Report
The deadline for paying dues is March 31. At present, 29 members have not paid.

Captain’s Report
Capt. Drew Walsh is preparing for the Work Fest on April 7th. He and his crew of member helpers are getting the stands set up for the swim safety equipment. The tool shed crew has been very industrious. Gerry Barton praised Dave Winer’s contribution, noting that he had drilled holes for “hold down bars,” and is making little stoppers that will be part of the workbench. Tryon has made shelves. Members reported that Joe Hage is a standout at organizing everything. Screws and nails are sorted by their use and size. Shovels and rakes are hanging in holders. We may soon have pegs on which to hang life vests.

Tryon Wells will send out an email publicizing the Work Fest and the April 6th Flower Walk. The Flower Walk is on rain or shine.

Membership Chair’s Report
Membership Chair John Noble nominated two families for membership. They have met all the requirements for membership. They are Ashley Baquie and Elizabeth Ewing and Louis Smith. Ashley Baquie, a resident of the Washington area since 1992, is VP of Human Resources for Morgan Franklin Corp. in McLean. She is involved in scouting activities through her 10-year-old son, Finian, who is an outdoor enthusiast and eager to begin fishing and canoeing on the river with his granddad.

Beth Ewing and Louis Smith are the parents of outdoor sportsmen Will (12), Max (10), and Charlie (8). These boys love Sycamore Island. Louis is a lawyer/teacher and musician who plays in two bands; Beth is a consultant on energy and environmental issues.

The motion to admit both families passed unanimously.

John Noble suggested that the orientation on May 5 be open to all members and those on the waiting list.

Ad Hoc Safety Committee Report
Copies of Larry Heilman’s comprehensive and detailed report were distributed to attendees. Drew Walsh reported that the committee is readying stands on all three docks, the swim float, the ferry, and the ferry landing. Each will hold variety of swim safety equipment, including whistles, bamboo poles, a safety ring, a torpedo-life safety tube. Everything will be installed by the beginning of the swim season in May. Work will begin at the Work Fest. The plan is to have a signs and possibily a publication that give clear directions about how the equipment is to be used and what steps to take to execute a rescue. There was a discussion of what kind of meter might be installed to indicate the water levels and the danger to swimmers. One possibility is a pole, which is red above a certain water level. Red would be a warning not to swim. Attendees voted to accept the report and congratulated Larry Heilman on his hard work on developing the plan.

Caretaker Joe Hage was encouraged to speak out whenever he witnesses dangerous behavior on the Island. Joe stressed the importance of members familiarizing themselves and their children with the rules of the Island, the operation of the ferry and the dangers of swimming in the river. He noted that many members’ children have never attended an orientation.

Relief Caretaking Supervisors
Jody and Bobby Benjamin submitted the names of members who have served as relief caretakers since names were last published in the January minutes. They are: Cindy Bertaut, Jack Sanders, Cora Shaw, Bernard Veuthey, Joe Cecil, Patricia Benton, Wayne Limberg, Witt and Annie Farquhar, Meg Jones, Sue and Greg Super, Renee Dunham, Andy Malmgen. All members should remember to sign up for this duty. The next meeting with be on April 10th at 8:00 p.m. on the Island.

Respectfully submitted,
Lucky Marmon
Co-Recording Secretary