Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

February 13, 2013

The meeting was called to order by President Bill Marmon at the home of Star Mitchell.

Larry Heilman, Star Mitchell, Bill Marmon, Lucky Marmon, Drew Walsh, John Noble, Tryon Wells, David Winer, Jane Winer, Alan Gelb, Jim Drew, Sherry Fitzdale.

Bill Marmon read a touching letter from Laura Bauer, the wife of Jack Bauer (37), who died recently of a heart attack. The Bauer family is on the Waiting List. Laura talked about the family’s time on the Island, her husband’s love of nature, and of all that Sycamore had to offer.

Treasurer’s Report
Alan Gelb reported that everything is "on track."

Financial Secretary’s Report
Lisa Kliefoth reported that the annual dues are coming in. She has received 74% of dues from Regular Members, 80% from Senior Members, 72% from Inactive Members, and 55% from those on the waiting list. There have been no resignations since last month. One active member went inactive; one inactive member went active. These numbers are expected to move as the dues deadline gets closer.

Membership Chair’s Report
John Noble reported that the due date for payment of membership dues is March 31, 2013. As of now there are 159 regular members, 64 senior members, 14 inactive members, 14 honorary members, 75 waiting list members (60 new and 15 from previous list).

Alan Gelb expressed concern that the club might have periods where there are membership vacancies. That would have financial implications for the club. He was reassured that we have many waiting list members who are ready to become full-fledged members. Many of had their orientations and are ready to join.

Tryon noted that there will be an increasing number of senior members down the road. There was a suggestion that the requirements for becoming a senior member be reexamined.

There was a discussion of orientation for new members and whether spending time with Joe Hage walking the Island could qualify as an orientation. There was a consensus that time spent with Joe could be a valuable experience, but should be considered supplemental to a formal orientation.

Captain’s Report
Captain Drew Walsh urged members to come on down and admire the new workbench constructed by Dave Winer and thanked Dave, Tryon Wells, Gerry Barton, Steve Newman, John Noble, and Wayne Limberg for their work on the beautiful new steps leading up to the tool shed. Rudolfo Castro, Tove Estrom, and Kevin Haley worked on the door, and Joe Hage added the final touches. All that’s needed now is a doorknob. Kudos all around!

Drew, Gerry, and Karl Kosok will meet to develop a list of short-term projects.

Environmental Committee
Waitlist Member Alice Bullard is taking over as head of the Greens Sub- Committee. A group of members met at Ann Lucy’s. They are working to categorize plants and discuss soil building methods. They will also look for the best and most economical place for the club to purchase new trees.

Renee Dunham brought to the sub-committee’s attention a tree tour sponsored by Casey Trees, a Washington, DC-based nonprofit committed to restoring, enhancing and protecting the tree canopy. Tryon congratulated Drew for developing several ad hoc groups that are working on different environmental issues.

Swim Chair Larry Heilman reported on a meeting of the Ad Hoc Safety Committee.

Larry noted that his report from this meeting was published in the last Islander. All the swim safety equipment mentioned in that report…safety rings, poles, etc….will be in place by June. There will be six stations equipped with lifesaving equipment, safety instructions. Instructions for the use of this equipment will be boldly displayed at each station. The result is that all members will have “lifeguard potential” and be able to do the right thing in case of an emergency. There was some discussion of how best to communicate with our membership the importance of safety and the use of the equipment. Alan Gelb suggested that all safety procedures , rules and guidelines have a prominent place on the club’s website.

Concern for the safety of children is paramount. There was a discussion of whether rules or guidelines need to be developed regarding the supervision of members’ children and their friends. As of now, standing rule #3 of our bylaws says that members are responsible for their guests. There is no specific mention of child supervision. It was mentioned that if rules are established, the club members would be responsible for enforcing them. Alan Gelb suggested that parents should have to sign a form that endorses their responsibility for the safety of their children and their guests. This is more important now because we are encouraging more young families to join through our two-tier lottery process. Larry Heilman said he would like to know by the end of April what our guidelines or rules are going to be. Sherry Fitzdale noted that it is very important that the children of new members attend an orientation. Lucky Marmon suggested that the rules/ guidelines be posted on the ferry next to the sign-up sheet.

Larry Heilman stressed the importance of making sure that the safety equipment was in place every day. He suggested that Joe be required to check the equipment on a daily basis and sign off in a log. Any serious swimming incidents should also be recorded. The Saturday caretaker should also be required to check the safety equipment when he arrives on the Island.

Bill Marmon charged the Safety Committee with coming up with a final set of recommendations emphasizing parent responsibility for children, member’s responsibility for guests, and Joe’s role in promoting safety.

Relief Caretaker Supervisor
Jodi Benjamin would like to have the caretaking schedule published in The Islander as it used to be. It was suggested that Relief Caretakers be reminded to read over their list of duties. A copy of these duties is in the red book that is shelved on the wall just outside the kitchen.

New Business
Spring Work Fest, Sunday, April 7th Orientation for New Members – Saturday, May 5th Canoe Cruiser Race – Saturday, May 11th.

Alan Gelb noted that club insurance does not cover sporting events. The definition of “sporting event” is broad and even includes three-legged races or and our Island regatta. Sycamore Island Club insurance does not cover participants in the Canoe Cruisers race. To be insured, paddlers would have to be members of the Canoe Cruisers Association.

Our Hostess
Hats off to Star Mitchell for welcoming us into her home on this frosty night. The fire was cozy and the food and drink were plentiful and delicious. The next meeting will be held on March 13th at 8:00 on the Island.

Respectfully submitted,
Lucky Marmon
Co-Recording Secretary