Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

January 9, 2013

After thanking our gracious hosts Judy and John Lentz, the meeting was called to order by President Bill Marmon.

Lawrence C. Heilman, John Noble, John Lentz, David Winer, Jim Drew, Tryon Wells, Jody Benjamin, Judy Lentz, Cindy Bertaut, Sherry Fizdale, Pat Roth, Alan Gelb, Louis Smith, Jonathan Zimmerman, Richard Lodish, William F. Marmon, Bill Eichbaum and Ann Marie Cunningham.

The minutes of the December meeting as they appeared in the Islander were approved. An email had been received from Trip Reid, requesting an amendment to the November minutes, in the section on large parties. The section was amended to indicate that an appropriate penalty for violation of the large party rules such as done by Paul Stanton and Kathleen Hooke be community service for the benefit of the club.

Drew Walsh reported that he is eagerly awaiting (and very grateful for) the completion of the workbench that Dave Winer is building.

Treasurerís Report
Alan Gelb reported that the Club closed 2012 with expenditures that were 0.7% above budget, due to unexpected large expenditures, including fixing the roof and a new water pump, and insurance costs higher than expected. There were savings on the cost of the Islander, maintenance and supplies. Income was higher than expected, so the club ended the year with a higher carryover than any year since the late 1990s, but it is still below the goal of one yearís operational spending. The balance on the construction notes has dropped from an original balance of $65,000 to $49,875.

Membership Report
Dues notices have been mailed. Margaret and Pat Barry have indicated that they will not renew their membership. It is expected that others will not renew, or will accept senior status. Louis Smith, Elizabeth Ewing, and their three sons were nominated and accepted for membership in the club, having completed an application and all requirements for membership. Two members have written letters of recommendation extolling his and his familyís virtues. Jack Bauer, an applicant on the waiting list, died of a heart attack at age 37 last month.

Relief Caretaking
Patricia Harge, Alison Levine, Jennifer Urguhart, and Star Mitchell served as relief caretakers in December, for which we are very grateful.

Large Parties
13 large parties were held in 2012 on 5 weekends. There were as many denied as approved, due to the requests not being for parties on an odd-numbered date or because the hosts had not completed three volunteer activities for the club.

Old Business
Our captain, Drew Walsh, and vice president Sherry Fizdale, will co-chair a survey of water and canoeing safety precautions to determine whether our precautions are adequate considering the number of children on the Island and the risks inherent in the Potomac. Larry Heilman circulated a memo with recommendations that he feels should be considered. The committee will consider methods of communicating to the membership and methods to maintain what is done. They will act quickly in order to have improvements in place before this spring.

2013 Calendar
The spring workfest has been scheduled for April 7 (raindate April 14). Watch The Islander for the dates for these activities:

  • New member orientation

  • Canoe class

  • Downriver race

  • Solstice dance party

  • Fishing derby

  • Flower walk

  • Regatta

  • River cleanup

  • Old-Timers luncheon

Bill Marmon, as he concluded his first meeting as president, encouraged us all to:

  • Consider writing articles for publication in The Islander
  • Suggest programs that will help us all to learn something, even if it is only what fun we can have on the Island.

After thanking our hosts Judy and John for their hospitality and refreshments, the meeting was adjourned.

The next meeting will be at the home of Star Mitchell.

Respectfully submitted,
Ann Marie Cunningham
Co-Recording Secretary