Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

December 12, 2012

The meeting was called to order by President Jim Drew at the home of Karen Possner and Stan Wiggins, who welcomed us into their home for a festive holiday party following the meeting.

Karen Possner; Stan Wiggins; John Noble; David Winer; Drew Walsh; Tryon Wells; Ann Lucy; David, Jennifer, and Jesse Hearn; John Membrino; Susanna Membrino; Jane Winer; Jeff Komarow; Karl Kosok; Alice Bullard; Lucky Marmon; Bill Marmon; Jody Benjamin; Gerald Stanley Barton; Caroline Gelb; Star Mitchell; Sherry Fizdale; Judy Lentz; John Lentz; L.C. Heilman; Jim Drew; and Ann Marie Cunningham.

The minutes as they appeared in The Islander were approved.

Treasurerís Report
Caroline Gelb reported on the 2012 budget and expenditures in Alanís absence. The total expenditures as of the end of October were close to what was expected. Unexpected expenses of repairs to a leaky roof and a new water pump were somewhat offset by savings on distribution of The Islander, grounds, and careful spending on entertainment and supplies. Salary and insurance remain the biggest expenses. With the expected expenses for the rest of the year, including the caretakerís bonus plus a special 10-year service award, the total spending for the year is likely to exceed the budget by about $4,000. However, our income was higher this year primarily due to the entry fees of the new waiting list applicants. This will result in a reserve of about $75,000, an increase of about $5,000. For the 2013 budget, the Gelbs are proposing an increase of 2.1%, to a total of $83,828 in the operating budget. Adding in the funds necessary to service the notes on the building loans, the total budget will be $93,111. No change in dues or fees was proposed. A motion to adopt the budget was passed.

Membership Report
John Noble reported that there will be two new families proposed for membership next month. The roster of members that usually is distributed with the January Islander will instead be sent out in April after the dues payments are made so that it will be more accurate.

Relief Caretaking
Sherry Fizdale presented a list of all members who served as relief caretaker during the year (shown in this issue). She recommends that they be reported each month in the future, so that there will be an official record of members who serve.

Drew Walsh reported that the steps to the shed have been finished. Dave Winer is building a workshelf on wheels. The bathroom is being winterized. And the Environmental committee is strategizing.

Nominations Committee
The slate of candidates was presented, and the following members were elected as officers and supervisors of the Sycamore Island Club:

President: Bill Marmon
Vice-President: Sherry Pettie Fizdale
Co-Recording Secretaries: Ann Marie Cunningham, Lucky Marmon
Treasurer: Alan Gelb and Caroline Gelb
Financial Secretary: Lisa Kliefoth
Membership Secretary: John Noble
Editor: Carol Beehler
Archivist: Karen Possner
Captain: Drew Walsh
Deputy Captain: Gerry Barton

Finance: Bill Eichbaum
Law: Maurice Tobin
Clubhouse: Marianne Ross
Grounds: Ann Lucy
Painting/Carpentry: Karl Kosok
Website: Tryon Wells
Entertainment: George and Shelley Malusky
Camping/Parties Jonathan Zimmerman
Canoeing: John Membrino
Swimming: Larry Heilman
Relief Caretaking Scheduling: Jody Benjamin

John Noble thanked Jim Drew for his service as president. Jim commented that he enjoyed his tenure, appreciated those who volunteered to serve the club, and that he feels good about the future of the club.

The next meeting will be at the home of John and Judy Lentz, 5424 Mohican Road, Bethesda on January 9.

The meeting was adjourned. Thanks for the hospitality of Karen Possner and Stan Wiggins, and the refreshments that they and many of the guests provided.

Respectfully submitted,
Ann Marie Cunningham
Co-Recording Secretary