Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

June 13, 2012

Jane Winer, Karen Possner, Jeffrey Komarow, Caroline Gelb, Alan Gelb, Drew Walsh, Bill Marmon, Lucky Marmon, John Noble, Jim Drew, Wayne Limberg, Larry Heilman, Joe Hage, Ann Lucy, Susan Dunham, Dan Schember, Peter Dean, Julia Dean, Richard Bertaut, Louise Meyers

President Jim Drew called the meeting to order. The May minutes were approved.


Treasurer’s Report
Alan and Caroline Gelb reported that all was well and that revenues coming from new Waiting List members would be a useful cushion.

Financial Report
Lisa Kliefoth has been extremely busy keeping track of wait list fees.

Captain’s Report
Drew Walsh reported that throw rings are now installed on the ferry, the dock and the Captain’s dock. The pump on the well has been replaced.

Environmental Report
Drew also reported that Parker Moore, a new Wait List member, recruited Scott Petrey of Wetland Studies and Solutions, Inc., to do an environmental walkabout of the Island. Drew will submit a report of his finding to the Islander.

Joe Hage reported that kitchen tap water is safe to drink and there is no need to bring bottled water to the Island. All the water on the Island comes from an underground source, not the river. The company that fixed the well took water samples, and its report will be made available.

Membership Committee
Membership Secretary John Noble reported that the membership now totals 160, with 16 new members being admitted this spring. We also have 66 Seniors, 15 inactive, 17 honorary, and 76 (14 old and 62 new) on the Waiting List. Thirty-five of the Waiting List Members pay $179 for Waiting List Passes. Forty-nine of the 62 new members attended the May 6 Orientation. A second orientation will be held in July. It was suggested that a new membership roster be distributed in July.

Questions from a new Wait List Member prompted a proposal to liberalize the Wait List Pass restrictions to enable a family to bring four guests to the Island on weekdays. Guests are always the responsibility of their hosts, whether they are members or Wait List members, so there are no new liability issues raised by the proposal. Wait List members would be asked to sign a statement acknowledging their responsibility for guests’ safety. After some discussion, it was decided that John Noble will write up a proposal that will allow Wait List Members to bring four guests to the Island during the week. It will be voted on at the July meeting.

Swim Committee
Larry Heilman reported that all water safety equipment is now in place. He recommends that it be observed and noted by visitors to the Island so that they will be familiar with it in the event it must be used. He suggests trying out the long red float that can be flung over the shoulder and carried to a swimmer in distress. Anyone who sees that equipment is not in place or serviceable should report it to Joe. Larry noted that we still need whistles on the docks and swim deck and safety rings in the row boat and canoe. The rings on the ferry should be put on opposite ends. Larry recommends purchasing another long red float.

The Club will sponsor a Swim and Water Safety Workshop on Saturday, June 30, 11 a.m.–1 p.m. Members and Wait List members who have purchased passes to use the club are encouraged to attend. There will be demonstrations of how to use the water safety equipment. Participants will also be encouraged to use the equipment while being supervised. Swimmers who want to try swimming out to the raft will be monitored. The club is particularly hopeful that children will attend this workshop.

Sycamore Island Dance
The dance will be held from 7:00 to 10:00 p.m. on June 23. Jane Winer reviewed the list of volunteers and their duties. She and husband Dave will head up the clean-up committee and need others to help. We were reminded to bring appetizers.

Old Business

New Business

Lucky Marmon, who held a large party on the Island on June 8, complimented Joe Hage for the appearance of the Island. “The lawn was mowed. The club house, upstairs and down, was clean. The ping pong table was up. Obviously a huge effort had been made. The place just sparkled.” Thank you, Joe.
The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Lucky Marmon
Co-Recording Secretary