Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

April 11, 2012

Marianne Ross, Trisha Hartge, Alan Gelb, David Winer, Jane Winer, Lucky Marmon, Bill Marmon, Karen Possner, John G. Stapko, Phoebe Hamill, Star Mitchell, Jody Benjamin, Bobby Benjamin, Gerry Barton, Whitney Pinger, John Stapko, Drew Walsh, Joe Hage, Ann Marie Cunningham, Sherry Fitzdale, Charlotte Brewer, Larry Heilman, Caroline Gelb. Tryon Wells

The Membership Lottery
Prior to the meeting, members assembled to witness the lottery by which applicants were selected for a place on the club waiting List. Applicants were placed in two pools… 40-years-old and older and 39-years-old and under. There were 94 applicants in the 40-and-older group and 28 in the 39-andunder group. Each applicant received a number which was written on a poker chip. The chips of each age group were different colors (white and red) and were drawn from separate bags. The first 32 from the 40-and older group and all 28 in the younger group will be placed in alternating sequence on the future waiting list. Successful applicants will be notified by Membership Secretary John Noble. Larry Heilman read out the numbers on the chips. The numbers were recorded by Sherry Fizdale. Bill Marmon presided over the drawing.

The Meeting
The meeting was called to order by club vice-president Bill Marmon. President Jim Drew was out of town.

The March minutes were corrected to include Marianne Ross and Gerry Barton as attendees. Ann Marie Cunningham’s proposal regarding allowing alcohol on the island was redefined and clarified as a proposal, not a motion.


Treasurer’s Report
Treasurer Alan Gelb has filed the Club’s annual financial report with the IRS.

Captain’s Report
Tryon Wells and Joe met to discuss planning for the work fest on April 22. The clubhouse roofing work has been completed.

Membership Committee
Regular membership has dipped from its ceiling of 160 to 148. Some members were dropped for non-payment of dues; others elected senior status. Still others selected inactive status because of a move out of the area.

David Winer proposed that 10 applicants on the current active waiting list be elected to regular membership: Penelope Mitchell, Jennifer Urguard and Michael Edwards, Kein and Carole Hearle, Thomas Barry, Kaitlin Barry, Gretchen Sinclair and Joseph Stauton, Geoff Holdridge and Bonnie Roberts, Corrine Roosevelt and Michael Colon, Ellen Kennedy and Kent Marcoux, Drew Walsh

There was a lively discussion about how often members on the old waiting should be allowed to defer joining the club. Many of these persons—17 to 20—are the children of members and have been on the waiting list for years.

There was a motion that members of this group would be officially advised that by April 2014, which is the time of the next lottery, they will, if asked, be required to accept membership or be dropped from the waiting list. These persons may defer up to April, 2014. Deferral of membership will not be permitted for persons on the new waiting list. This motion will be voted on at the next meeting.

The sixty members on the new waiting list will be added to the bottom of the old waiting list.

New Business
Beer and wine on the Island. Ann Marie Cunningham made a motion that consumption of beer and wine be allowed on the island after 6:00 pm by those of legal drinking age. Island rules currently prohibit alcohol consumption on the Island, and members can be expelled for violating this rule. People voice concern about safety and liability and insurance issues. Other members treasure the “no drinking” culture of the Island. It was noted that it would be very difficult to police drinking and ascertain who was drinking too much. Some members noted that the no drinking policy was routinely violated by members, including by teenage children of members. As President Jim Drew had previously requested that this motion be discussed for several months, no vote was taken. In accordance with the the Standing Rules, notice of when the vote will be taken will be placed in the Islander.

Speaker at Next Meeting
Robin Broder, vice president of the Potomac Riverkeeper will be the club’s featured speaker for the 2012 State of the Nation’s River talk scheduled for Wednesday, May 9 at 7:30 p.m. on Sycamore Island. Robin will provide her perspectives on the state of the Potomac River and highlight some of the important work being done by Potomac Riverkeeper to improve water quality. More info on Riverkeeper can be found at:

Carl Linden died several weeks ago. Various members spoke of Carl’s incredible patience and civility. He was a valuable member of Sycamore Island and will be remember with great affection. The recording secretary will send a card to Carl’s family on behalf of the membership.

Large Parties
The party scheduled by Lucky and Bill Marmon for April 14 was canceled and will be rescheduled for June 8.

It was suggested that the Islander be sent out earlier so that announcements of events are more time relevant. The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Lucky Marmon
Co-Recording Secretary