Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

March 14, 2012

The meeting was called to order by President Jim Drew on a warm spring evening on the Island.

Jim Drew, David Winer, Jeff Komarow, Sarah King, Andrew Shipman, Jane Winer, Robert Benjamin, Jody Benjamin, Larry Heilman, John Noble, Diane Noble, Sherry Fizdale, Phil Ross, Trip Reid, William Marmon, Ann Lucy, Star Mitchell, Geoff Holdridge, Bill Eichbaum, and Tryon Wells were present.

The February minutes were corrected to indicate that in the section on Membership there were five applications in the "younger" pool. The minutes were then approved.

Jim Drew reported that his daughter gave him his first granddaughter.

Treasurer’s Report
Alan Gelb reported via Jim Drew that there is nothing new or unexpected regarding finances.

Captain/Caretaker Report
The water is back on in the bathrooms. Roofers will come on Thursday and Friday to repair the flat roof. Grass seed will be sown when night temperatures will be above 50 degrees. The water has been turned on and the insulation removed from the bathroom. The captain is looking into framing out and hanging windows in the shed.

Relief Caretaking
Sherry Fizdale sent an email to members who have not served as relief caretaker in the last year. The website always has the current status on relief caretaking.

The workfest will be on April 22; rain date is April 29.

Large Parties
Jody Benjamin reported that the Queen’s Jubilee has been canceled. Bill and Lucky Marmon will have a party on April 14. Chris White, a volunteer firefighter, requested permission for a large party or 35 or more people from the Glen Echo Fire Department on May 19. A concern about the capacity of the septic system was expressed. Chris will be reminded of rules such as no alcohol and that he is responsible for operating the ferry. The request was approved.

Someone suggested that the rule requiring that members support the club through volunteer activity be excusable. The person making such a request must make it to the club at a meeting.

Environment/Grounds Committee
A first meeting was held on the Island on February 25th. Key issues are: invasive plants, erosion at the upstream end of the Island, damage from beavers. The committee expects to form task forces to develop a timeline and plan for addressing these concerns. During the workfest, one task will be to wrap trees to protect them from beavers. Perhaps an article will appear in the Islander identifying the “invasive of the month” and ways to eliminate it.

Membership Committee
John Noble presented a report on the current status of membership, the old waiting list, and new applications for membership. There were vacancies, due to regular members becoming senior members and one requesting inactive status. The members voted to welcome the following applicants from the old waiting list into membership:

• Benson Ginsburg
• Andrew Young
• Laura Young
• Richard Boltuck
• Brian Singer and Rachel Forman
• Page and David Dekke

The old waiting list has 10 applicants interested in becoming active members. John also reported that a former member was dropped from membership three years ago because of non-payment of dues. He has been in Saudi Arabia “fighting the war on terrorism.” A motion was made and passed that he pay his back dues, then apply for inactive status until he returns.

There have been 66 applications for the new waiting list (10 under 40, and 56 who are 40 or older). Bill Marmon reviewed the procedure for the lottery, which will be conducted at 7:30, prior to the next meeting on April 11. Poker chips will be used to represent applicants, and will be sorted according to age of applicant; i.e., “under 40” or “40 and over”. Poker chips will be selected alternately from each group. When the chips in one group are depleted, chips in the other group will be selected until all are selected. Those who are within the number needed for a maximum of 60 on the waiting list will be notified. Dave Winer proposed a change that if one age group doesn’t have enough applicants, that the club continue to accept applications in that age group. The Special Membership committee had considered such a possibility and rejected any such accommodation.

New Business
Ann Marie Cunningham introduced a motion that reads, “For the remainder of 2012, Section 1.a. of the Standing Rules be amended to read, “Beer or wine may be consumed on the Islands after 6:00 p.m., provided that it is not consumed to an extent that the person becomes intoxicated; nor shall any person come to the Island in an intoxicated state. Any person who violates this rule may be asked to leave Club property.” Several members commented on the proposed change. Jim Drew suggested that this raises some complicated and possibly controversial issues, that it be discussed at the next several meetings, and voted on after that. The meeting was adjourned. The next meeting will be held on the Island on April 11.

Respectfully submitted,

Ann Marie Cunningham
Co-Recording Secretary