Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

February 8, 2012

In attendance
Larry Heilman, Jim Drew, Bill and Lucky Marmon, John Noble, Gerry Barton, Ann Lucy, Tryon Wells, Dave and Jane Winer, Ann Marie Cunningham, Alan and Caroline Gelb, Jeff Komarow, Jody and Bobby Benjamin, Joe Hage, Drew Walsh

The children of long-time members who are now deceased wish to have a party. It will be scheduled on a convenient date.

Joe has received a request for a party for inner-city kids to be held in mid-July.

Notices regarding the payment of dues have been sent. The deadline is March 31. There was some discussion of how lenient the Club should be in allowing persons who are late with their dues remain members. It is important that dues be paid on time so that the number membership vacancies can be accurately determined. Additional notices will be sent as the deadline approaches.

No report.

Financial Secretary
No report.

Drew Walsh reported that the Winter Bird Walk will take place on February 25. The environmental committee will meet to discuss erosion on the upper end of the Island.

Drew is busy planning projects for the Work Fest, which is scheduled for April 22. Rain date is April 29. Other activities being planned are the April Orientation and the River Cleanup. The Spring Flower Walk is yet to be scheduled.

New Membership Chair John Noble gave a detailed report.

New membership applications: 27. Five applications in “older” pool. 22 applications are from persons over 40.

Three of the applications in the “younger” applicant pool have children. The youngest is one-year-old.

The average age of the younger applicant pool is 37. The average age of the “older” applicant pool is 54. Ten of the “older” applications have children under 12.

Status of existing waiting list: 37. 10 estimated to be available to become full members. Two will accept. 27 wish to remain on waiting list but are not ready to become full members. Bill Marmon noted that the Special Membership Committee had left unresolved the question of how long waiting list members can defer joining. If they are out of town, they may join, but take an inactive member status.

Large Parties
The following were approved.
May 12, Downriver Race
July 1, A Celebration of Queen’s Jubilee, hosts Alan and Caroline Gelb

Swim Committee
Larry Heilman suggested that additional life vests be put on the Captain’s raft and the swim and canoe floats. A second “geriatric” pole may also be installed. Larry will work out the details.

Jim Drew submitted the year’s calendar of events.

Old Business

New Business
Bill Marmon noted that coupling monthly meetings with educational talks by members or outsiders enlivens the evening and improves attendance. He suggested we have a Program Committee.

It was decided that in order to conform to the bylaws, our March meeting would be held on the Island. Jim Drew will schedule a backup location.

At the March meeting, John Noble will conduct a “walk thru” of the lottery procedure, explaining exactly how it will work when it is held in April.

The lottery will be held just before the April meeting. Those accepted onto the waiting list will be able to attend the Work Fest.

Ann Lucy has explored the Island, particularly the upper part, and will make suggestions about what needs to be done.

The meeting was adjourned and members gathered round to enjoy the excellent food and drink offered by our gracious hosts, Alan and Caroline Gelb.

Respectfully submitted,

Lucky Marmon
Co-Recording Secretary