Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

December 14, 2011

The meeting was called to order by President Jim Drew at the home of Bill and Lucky Marmon.

Joyce Kreskow, Dave and Jane Winer, Tryon Wells, John and Anne Marie Cunningham, Gerald Barton, Alan and Caroline Gelb, Karen Possner, Stanley Wiggins, Jeff Komarow, Sherry and Ed Fizdale, Marianne Ross, John G. Stapko, John F. Stapko, Bobby and Jody Benjamin, Bill and Lucky Marmon, John Noble, Philip Ross, Rick and Erica Lodish, Star Mitchell, Jim Drew, Drew Walsh, Judy Lentz, Geoff Holdridge, Rosalie Fedoruk, Maurice Robin, Cora Shaw, Joe Hage, Ann Lucy, Renee Dunham, Bernard Veuthey.

The Minutes as printed in The Islander were approved.

Treasurer’s Report
Caroline and Alan Gelb reported that spending in 2011 would come out very close to budget and would approximately equal the Club’s income. For 2012, the Club would need to take into account inflation over the year, as measured by the CPI. Prices had risen by 3.8% in 2011, and the 2012 budget proposal, which was approved, reflected this increase. Some costs, such as insurance (we carry business, liability and FEMA flood insurance as well as medical), were expected to rise by more than the CPI but we would try to accommodate these within the total. Regarding dues, these had been increased by 10% at the end of 2010 to compensate for the loss of income from investments. Filling vacancies and new admissions to the waiting list were expected to raise income somewhat in 2012, so that no immediate increase was recommended. However, there is little slack in the budget and the Club is not adding to its reserve. While this is a healthy $60,000 it is a little less than desirable and would also need to be adjusted for inflation. Dues would therefore need to be reconsidered in one year’s time.

The discussion also highlighted members’ appreciation of Joe’s performance as a caretaker, and as a friend. He showed incredible creativity in building a functional “bridge” across the canal when the bridge was under construction. He has been a real ambassador in the neighborhood, making friends of the workers on the bridge and also with park personnel through his work on Lock #8. His monthly articles in The Islander engage us all. He is a very special person and we are lucky to have him. If there are members who have expertise in insurance matters, please contact Alan. He would like to have a review of the Club’s needs and policies.

Captain’s Report
Tryon Wells in his final report as Captain says that “Everything is shipshape.” He is still exploring ways to handle a winter enclosure for the bathrooms.

New Business
New Membership Chairman John Noble proposed eleven couples for membership. The following were unanimously approved:

Russell Sturm and Michelle McNally
Braden and Conner Herman
Amy Hancock and Christopher Weals
David Debruin and Elizabeth Taylor
Edward and Marijke Gero
Eric Smith
Bruce Delaplaine and Sara Deshler
Gary Kasnett
Karen and James Foreit
Constance Minor and Gregory Lalley
Mark Carlin and Meryl Silverman

Nominating Committee Head Dave Winer submitted the list of proposed Club Officers and Supervisors for 2012. The following nominees were approved unanimously:

President - Jim Drew
Vice-president - Bill Marmon
Co-recording Secretaries - Anne Marie Cunningham and Lucky Marmon
Treasurer - Alan & Caroline Gelb
Financial Secretary - Lisa Kliefoth
Editor - Carol Beehler
Archivist - Tryon Wells
Captain - Drew Walsh
Deputy Captain - Geoff Holdridge

Finance - Bill Eichbaum
Law - Maurice Tobin
Clubhouse - Karl Kosok
Grounds - Ann Lucy
Carpentry/painting - Gordon Philips
Website - Tryon Wells
Entertainment - George and Shelley Malusky
Camping/parties - Jodie Benjamin
Canoeing - John Membrino
Swimming - Larry Heilman
Relief Caretaking - Sherry Pettie Fitzdale

Next month’s meeting will be held on Wednesday, January 11 at 8:00 p.m. at the home of Star Mitchell, 8705 Hempstead Ave, Bethesda, Maryland 20817.

Jim Drew adjourned the meeting. Members immediately dove into the punch bowl that Jane and Dave Winer had filled with their eggnog specialty and devoured delicious goodies contributed by all.

Respectfully submitted,

Lucky Marmon
Co-Recording Secretary