Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

November 9, 2011

The meeting was called to order by President Jim Drew at the home of John and Diane Noble, who graciously hosted and provided us with wonderful treats.

Larry Heilman, Tryon Wells, Jeff Komarow, Ann Lucy, Jane Winer, Lucky Marmon, Cora Shaw, Drew Walsh, Bill Marmon, Jim Drew, Phil Ross, Sherry Fizdale, Alan Gelb, David Winer, Marianne Ross, John Noble, Ann Marie Cunningham

The minutes, as printed in The Islander, were approved.

Treasurerís Report
Alan Gelb reported that the Club is likely to come in at budget or possibly as much as $1,000 under budget at the end of the year.

Dave Winer has been gathering nominees for Club officers. He particularly wants to recognize Lisa Kliefoth who has offered to serve as Financial Secretary for her 13th year. The positions of Deputy Captain and Supervisor of Carpentry/Painting are in need of someone willing to serve. If interested in serving in any capacity, or learning more about the responsibilities of any of the officers, contact Dave at

A complete list of nominees appears elsewhere in this monthís Islander.

Captain/Caretaker Report
The roof leak will be repaired now that the bridge work is complete. The bridge looks great, but still trembles as one crosses it.

The winter toilet should be available for use after the workfest, which is scheduled for Sunday, November 13. Everyone come, bring rakes and other tools, and something to share during the pot luck.

Tasks to be completed during the work session include removing the docks from the river; installing a compost bin; raking leaves; repairing the step from the canal to the ferry landing; removing vines that are climbing up trees; placing chicken wire to protect trees from beavers; cutting firewood; installing the new refrigerator and removing the old one; cleaning the clubhouse, including the fans, windows, doors; making painters for the canoes; and cutting a path at the front of the Island.

Relief Caretaker Report
Sherry Fizdale was concerned about filling both Christmas Eve and New Yearís Eve, but she happily reported that she has someone for each of those days. Contact Sherry to be the relief caretaker on December 10 or any Saturday in January. The schedule can be seen at

Old-Timers Picnic
The picnic was canceled due to bridge construction. It will be re-scheduled for the spring.

Special Membership Committee
The committee had previously posted the proposed changes to the bylaws as revised according to the last meeting and comments received. They also posted a proposed fee schedule, application form and guidelines for implementing the changes on the web for all members to review. Revisions include reducing the number of sponsors to one, and reducing the number of letters of recommendation to two.

The recommended schedule of fees applicable to the membership process is:

  • Waiting list initiation fee of $150, due after an applicant is selected in the lottery

  • Waiting list annual fee of $30, due each subsequent year the applicant remains on the waiting list

  • Waiting list pass is an optional fee of $179, allowing the applicants to use the Island during weekdays in the summer and weekends during other seasons

  • Membership Initiation of $350, which combined the old initiation fee with the construction fee
The intentions of the 30 applicants remaining on the current waiting list was discussed, followed by a discussion of a transition to the new process.

It was moved and seconded that we adopt the proposed membership process. Three amendments were offered and all passed:

  • Section 12, paragraph e, was amended to read, in part: (These letters of recommendation are from members other than the sponsoring member.)

  • Section 12, paragraph j, was amended to add at the end of the sentence: and be subject to transitional rules.

  • Section 12, paragraph e, was amended to read, in part: In the case of exceptional circumstances, a Qualified Applicant may petition the Club through the Membership Secretary to defer membership for a period up to two years from the date on which membership was offered.

The motion to adopt the new rules for the membership application process was passed, as amended.

New Business
The club will write a letter to the C&O Park director to thank him for the repairs that have been done to the bridge.

Caretaker Joe Hage is quoted in a new book, A Washington Sketchbook, by Gail Spilsbury. The book features drawings and maps done by Robert L. Dickinson done during World War I. A map in the clubhouse is believed to be an original sketch for one of the maps that appears in the book. Club member Norm Metzger also contributed to the book.

The annual meeting, at which we will pass the budget and elect new officers, will be celebrated at the home of Lucky and Bill Marmon on December 14. Please bring an item to share and contribute to the festivities.

Respectfully submitted,

Anne Marie Cunningham
Co-Recording Secretary