Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

September 14, 2011

The meeting was called to order by President Jim Drew at the home of Jane and Dave Winer, who graciously hosted as the bridge is under repair, making the trek to and from the Island a bit challenging in the dark.

Judy and John Lentz, Trisha Hartge, Jody and Bobby Benjamin, Drew Walsh, Sherry Fizdale, Jim Drew, Alan Gelb, Tryon Wells, Jeff Komarow, Jane and Dave Winer, and Ann Marie Cunningham

The minutes, as printed in the Islander, were approved.

Jenny Shubert Boawn said her parents were lifelong members who spent lots of time on the Island. Her mother, Miriam Shubert, died in April. She would like to have a picnic on November 6 in her memory. It was approved, providing there are no large parties or other conflicts on that day.

Treasurer’s Report:
Alan Gelb reported that we continue to spend on routine items, as budgeted. There have been no unusual expenses.

Captain/Caretaker Report
The bridge is being repaired. A pontoon bridge has been built as a temporary means of crossing the canal. There is a path down to the pontoon bridge from the side of the old bridge, but that may be challenging for some people. The stated finish date is the end of September, but those at the meeting were less than encouraged that it would be completed by that time.

The current concept for the winter toilet is to isolate one toilet in the mens’ room, but an Oriental-type of screen around the sink and one toilet up to the ceiling using a flexible membrane. This will keep the heat in. Keeping the pipes warm is a little more complex. Another jocular concept includes the possibility of a heated toilet seat. There are tentative plans to complete this before the workfest which is scheduled for November 13.

There were no problems associated with the rains brought by tropical storm Lee.

The refrigerator doesn’t keep things cold. Drew Walsh will look into prices for a basic model and delivery. Special Membership Committee: The draft proposal for the process for accepting new members is available on the web at Please review and comment. The proposal will be discussed at the October meeting, and voted on at the November meeting. The well-considered proposal is designed to:

• Prevent a long waiting period as in the past, instead keeping it to approximately four years

• Encourage the admission of younger members, as the demographics of the current membership are skewed upward.

New Business
Allison Burns has resigned as supervisor of relief caretaking, due to the difficulties of the role. Sherry Fizdale agreed to take on the role with Trisha Hartge as understudy. Sherry will develop ways of encouraging members to volunteer, which will include more effective email communications, and may include sanctions against those who do not serve, as the club is dependent on the contributions of the members.

Drew Walsh reported that honorary member and former captain, John Matthews is home from the hospital. We are all grateful to John for the many years of service that he provided to the Club, and we hope that he fully recovers.

The meeting adjourned to tasty treats offered by our hosts, Dave and Jane Winer.

Respectfully submitted,
Anne Marie Cunningham
Recording Secretary