Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

June 8, 2011

The meeting was called to order by President Jim Drew after a barbecue and picnic on the lawn.

John Membrino, Jane Winer, Margaret Barry, Cris Weals, Maria Stenzel, Dave Winer, Jeff Komarow, John Noble, Joe Membrino, Susan Dunham, Dan Schember, Chris White, Jim Drew, Ann Marie Cunningham

The minutes, as printed in The Islander, were approved with one correction; the date for the dance is Saturday, June 25.

Large Parties:
John Noble reported that there are seven large parties scheduled in June, one in July, one in August, and one in September. Watch The Islander for the dates. He then introduced Maria Stenzel who described a large party on August 13 (with an alternate date of July 9) with Inner City Outings, an organization sponsored by the Sierra Club. There will be about 12 children and 15 to 18 adults. She needs someone who will host, as she will unexpectedly be away. The host will just need to be present, as the other adults will feed the children their lunch as soon as they arrive and organize play activities. John Membrino may be able to host.

Cris Weals wants to hold a party for a soccer team of 12 to 14 girls and several adults on Saturday June 11. There are no conflicts at that time. It was approved.

Larry Heilman reported via Jim Drew that he would like to hold swimming lessons focusing on river safety. A date will be determined. Bamboo poles were brought to the Island to be kept by the floats for holding out to people who may have trouble swimming back to the float. They should be painted in bright colors so their purpose will be more obvious.

A committee meeting was held this month to develop a proposal (or plans) for a process for admitting new members. The discussion included the following points:

  • There should be clearly defined goals
  • The process should select people according to skills that would be useful to the club
  • It should be a random, democratic process
  • The list should be sorted by age to ensure admission of younger people
  • It should be a simple process
  • There shouldn't be a waiting list that lasts for years
  • Everyone is welcome to participate in the committee
Once the plan(s) is developed, it will be published for comment and discussion.

Captain/Caretaker Report:
The swim float has not yet been set out because the water has been too high when work was planned. Tryon Wells will set a new date soon.

Joe Hage will repaint the lines in the parking lot. Joe reported seeing illegal dumping, and requested that Montgomery County provide a new sign. Does anyone have a project and laptop for use during the dance on June 25? Joe would like to project archived photos.

The first work session in the canal steward program was held and Joe completed the clearing of graffitti and rescrewing the boards on the bridge. Future sessions may be held on a different date as the first Sunday of the month comes before notice would appear in The Islander.

Old Business:
The Summer Solstice Dance Party will be held on June 25, with a live band and karaoke. Joe will play guitar and lead us in song. Everyone should come and bring a side dish to share. See the ad in the June Islander for more details.

New Business:
Joe will kayak from Sycamore Island to St. Catherine's Island in the lower Potomac, a distance of 90 miles, in support of the Potomac Riverkeepers' Pure Potomac program. He will leave on July 9 following a send-off party, and arrive at St. Catherine's in time for a celebration. Joe will maintain a blog during the trip. He hopes that you will donate to support pure drinking water for our region.

Respectfully Submitted,

Anne Marie Cunningham
Co-recording secretary