Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

February 9, 2011

Star Mitchell, Larry Heilman, Jim Drew, Dave Winer, Joe Hage, Maria Stenzel, Gerry Barton, Drew Walsh, Ann Marie Cunningham, Alan Gelb, Vicki Judson, Jane Winer, Tryon Wells, Sherry Fizdale, Lucky Marmon, Margaret Barry, Patrick Barry.

Members gathered at the home Star Mitchell. Jim Drew called the meeting to order. The minutes of the January Meeting were approved. Before the meeting got underway, David Winer announced that Park Service Ranger Kelly Fox is seeking info on the history of the Civil Conservation Corps, specifically between the years 1938Ė1941. It was suggested that John Heideman (no longer a club member) and Centennial Issues of the newsletter would be excellent sources.

Treasurerís Report:
Alan Gelb reported that the Club was in good shape. Last year, we spent 99%, or $77,599, of our $78,315 budget, ending the year with $68,000 in the bank. Income received from the Financial Secretary was $83,000, short of our needs by a few thousand. Service of our notes was $9,000. Interest income was only $23.20. Of concern, costs of insurance continue to rise and Alan is not satisfied with the amount of coverage.

Captainís Report:
Captain Tryon Wells proposed a much-needed upgrading of the Captainís float, noting that he had formulated a new idea for attaching the two docks involved.

The trees blocking in the canal around our access to the Island have been removed. Last summerís debris is for the large part gone also.

The Park Service is hiring a contractor to repair the bridge. There was talk of club members painting the bridge, but this will hopefully be done by the Park Service. It was suggested that built-in conduits for power be part of the restoration.

The website is up-to-date.

Supervisorís Report:

Swimming Report:

There was a lengthy discussion about what materials needed to be archived at the Washington Historical Society, with strong arguments made for archiving hard copies of all important documents. Among these are copies of The Islander, minutes of monthly meetings, Treasurerís reports, membership list. Archivist Larry Heilman pointed that there is a movement among archivists toward digitizing information, providing that it is secure and there is back-up. Larry will determine the best way to preserve and to transmit both digital and hard copy of materials to the archives.

Membership Committee:
Bill Marmon will work with Membership Chair Peter Winkler to reactivate the membership subcommittee charged with establishing a policy for admitting new members. There has not been a meeting of this committee since early last fall.

Old Business:
Gerry Barton reported that we are considering sponsoring the Senior Canal Steward Program by assuming stewardship mile 6 of the canal. Joe Hage will present information on this program at a future meeting. Volunteer Lock House Keepers are needed. There are some lock houses that permit overnight guests. They need volunteers who are willing to clean up these apartments when guests depart.

Several members expressed interest in having a working bathroom and running water on the Island in the winter. The Captain and Gerry will investigate.

New Business:
Jim Drew presented two handouts for comments and changes: 1. Guidelines for Putting on a Sycamore Island Event; 2. Sycamore Island 2011 Calendar of Events. They will be published in The Islander. Jane Winer suggested that a summer dance be scheduled for the end of June. This will be publicized in the March Islander.

Vicki Judson will organize a gathering on the Island to honor Nell Hennessy, who died this winter of cancer. Vicki suggested compiling recipes of dishes brought to the workfest into a small cookbook that would be dedicated to Nell. Many of those present had worked with Nell and admired her greatly. They noted her enthusiasm and help with club activities.

The date of the workfest will be moved forward from May 1 to Sunday, April 17. Jim urged attendees to turn out for the February 26 birdwalk led by Paul Hagen.

Thanks to Star Mitchell for hosting this lively meeting and for her bounteous offerings of food and good drink.

Respectfully submitted,

Lucky Marmon
Co-Recording Secretary