Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

December 8, 2010

A very festive Christmas Party meeting was convened at home of Silvija Strikis and Miguel Browne in McLean. The food table was groaning for mercy under the weight of all sorts of delicious bowls and platters. Fortunately David Winer did not mix his justly famous home-made eggnog until after the meeting, or the meeting may have never commenced.

But commence it did at 8:15 p.m. with a robust quorum including Sherry Pettie Fizdale, Maria Stenzel, Marianne Ross, Jim Drew, Lucky and Bill Marmon, Larry Heilman, David and Jane Winer, John Noble, Silvija Strikis, Drew Walsh, Tryon Wells, Gerry Barton, John Membrino, Star Mitchell, Alan and Caroline Gelb, Karen Possner, Stan Wiggins, Louise Mayer, John Stapko, and Jeff Komarow.

It was a special treat to have former caretaker ďDocĒ Taliaferro visiting from Carlisle, Pennsylvania, where he lives with wife Phyllis on eight acres and a menagerie of animals. Current caretaker Joe Hage was also in attendance at the party.

Minutes of the November 10 meeting were approved by unanimous vote.

Captain Tryon Wells reported that 72 lockers have been successfully installed at the Club with 18 full height lockers and the rest 2 or 3 feet in height. Members may sign up for a locker, without charge, with Joe Hage. Lockers in the menís and ladiesí room are for daily use and should not be locked overnight.

Membership Secretary Peter Winkler was not present but President Winer indicated that the Membership committee would be getting into full swing on making recommendations for how the waiting list would be opened once the existing waiting list and waiting list members brought the club membership to 160 regular members.

Alan Gelb gave his report on state of Club finances, which are good. (See Alanís detailed and separate report on the next page.) A motion to approve the Treasurerís report, along with a $32 dollar a year rise in club dues to $358 for regular members for 2011, and a bonus for Caretaker Extraordinaire Joe Hage, was adopted by a very large majority vote. Also approved by the same motion was approval for a slight increase in dues for other categories of membership, waiting list fees, and large party fees. (Dues figure for 2011 does NOT include an additional and continuing $75 per year for regular members to retire the construction loan for the recent club upgrade.)

New Business
A motion to elect the proposed slate of officers for 2011 was approved unanimously. Jim Drew was elected President of the Club and Bill Marmon was elected Vice President. Jim had been serving as Vice President and Bill had been Co-Recording secretary. Lucky Marmon was elected as Co-Recording Secretary. All other officers were re-elected to their existing posts and supervisors were reappointed.


Elective Officers
President Jim Drew
Vice-President Bill Marmon
Recording Secretary Lucky Marmon and Ann Marie Cunningham
Treasurer Alan and Caroline Gelb
Financial Secretary Lisa Kliefoth
Membership Secretary Peter Winkler
Editor Carol Behler
Archivist Larry Heilman
Captain Tryon Wells
Deputy Captain John Stapko and Drew Walsh

Canoeing John Membrino
Swimming Larry Heilman
Camping and Parties John Noble
Carpentry and Painting Charles Pill
Entertainment George and Shelly Malusky
Clubhouse Karl Kosack
Finance Bill Eichbaum
Website Tryon Wells
Relief Caretaking Alison Burns

Jim Drew commended outgoing President David Winer for a job well done and gave special credit to Davidís ability to create a friendly and positive tone on the Island. There was enthusiastic and unanimous agreement.

The business meeting was adjourned at 9:02.

The friendly and positive tone was continued for some time thereafter in the lovely surroundings of the Strikis/Browne home. Davidís eggnog (served in elegant silver cups) and a delicious assortment of good things to eat, including barbecued chicken legs, really good cheese, and many other treats, created a very festive post-meeting atmosphere.

Respectfully submitted,
Bill Marmon
Co-Recording Secretary