Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

August 11, 2010

David Winer, Jane Winer, Tryon Wells, Peter Winkler, John Membrino, Anne Waidman, Drew Walsh, Star Mitchell, Joe Hage Ann Marie Cunningham, and Vicky Judson

The Meeting
An informal discussion of Island matters (to wit, lockers) began while Jane Winer was valiantly recruiting one last member to come in order to have a quorum. Vicky Judson answered her call, and made it possible to conduct the very important business of approving new members.

Captain Tryon Wells will be ordering lockers to install in the hallway across from the restrooms and day lockers to put in the restrooms. Some of the thoughts that were expressed:
    • Ventilation is good
    • Seeing inside the lockers isn't
    • Keeping track of who has what locker and whether it is used is important
    • Need to ensure that people who no longer use the lockers or are no longer members don’t continue to tie up the lockers
    • Possibly, there should be a nominal fee to help prevent unused lockers from accumulating?
Tryon Wells will order new lockers this month. Ann Marie Cunningham volunteered to write a procedure for identifying and maintaining an accountability for the lockers and and their assigned members.

New Members
Membership Secretary Peter Winkler nominated the following applicants for membership.

Chris White and Tamara Zemlo are the parents of three children. The family lives in Mohican Hills and is active in community and civic affairs. Chris has his own apiary in their backyard. The entire family loves waterbased activities, including swimming and canoeing, and they have been active Islanders while in waiting list member status. They thought the children’s events at the anniversary celebration were so wonderful that they wish to become involved in children’s educational activities at the Island.

Paul Hagen and Christine Jahke live in Palisades. Paul is an avid fisherman and birder, and has held leadership positions in various conservation and wildlife organizations. Both Paul and Christine are hikers and kayakers, and as waiting list members have been active in Island affairs.

Patricia and Bruce Benton live in Mohican Hills (to be near the Canal) and have four children. The family has traveled to exotic outdoor locations around the globe, and has even camped overnight on the Island. They love the Island and are very excited to become regular members.

Roman Kulbashny and Nancy Shute both have long and intimate acquaintance with the outdoors. Roman grew up in Kamchatka with live volcanos and grizzly bears, and enjoys biking, canoeing and swimming. Nancy is a journalist covering science and the environment. She has written for Outside, Smithsonian, and National Geographic, and is probably the only Club member or applicant to have sailed up the Bering Strait to the Arctic Ocean in a walrus-skin boat.

Thomas and Katherine Dyson are both Montgomery County teachers. The family goes to the Adirondacks every year to hike, canoe, and kayak. Thomas and Katherine had the unique foresight to apply for membership when they became engaged. They now have three children, the oldest of whom is seven. Adrienne Allison grew up on Georgian Bay in Ontario, and is an avid canoeist and swimmer. A demographer, Adrienne served in Bangladesh with members Anne and Larry Heilman, who introduced her to the Island.

Daniel Stephens and Adrienne Little are also both Montgomery County teachers. Their children are 14 and 12. The entire family enjoys spending time hiking, biking, and canoeing at or near the Island. They also enjoy camping and their annual trip to Montana. Dan is a fly fisherman.

All were accepted into membership by a unanimous vote.

Once the quorum was established, the minutes of the May meeting were approved.

Large Party
Anne Waidmann requested approval for a large party on Thursday, Sept 2, of 35 to 50 people as a pre-cele-bration of the wedding of her daughter Birgit and Michael. Anne has met the requirements for hosting a large party. The party was unanimously approved, and best wishes were expressed for the happy couple.

Canoe Report
Five canoes are unclaimed. Next month, a decision will be made as to how to dispose of them. (Auction?)

Dave Winer reported that a reporter from the Washington Post, who said that they haven’t done an article on the Island for a while, will be on the Island soon. There was a discussion about whether we want the publicity, about other lines that could be suggested to the reporter that would be interesting stories that would focus more on canoeing and the river with the Island as a minor footnote.

New Business
The regatta will be held on Labor Day. Cindy Bertaut will be chairing the festivities. Vicky Judson moved, and the meeting approved, that $100 be appropriated for prizes, subject to the approval of the treasurer.

Submitted by: Anne Marie Cunningham, Co-Secretary