Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

March 10, 2010

The March meeting was held at the Irish Channel Pub in Northwest D.C., and hosted by Nell Hennessey and Frank Daspit. More than enough members were present to constitute a quorum. President David Winer convened the meeting at 8:00 p.m.

Members Present
Jim Drew, Chuck Pill, Caroline and Alan Gelb, Jeff Komarow, Jane and David Winer, Drew Walsh,Marianne Ross, Frank Daspit and Nell Hennessy, Phoebe Hamill, John and Judy Lentz, and Tryon Wells.

Minutes The January 9 meeting minutes were approved unanimously, without corrections or amendments.

Captainís report
Tryon Wells reported that no date has been set for procuring lockers for club members. He explained that two sizes are to be ordered in metalóthe larger size for those who store lengthy items such as fishing poles and paddles, and the smaller size for other uses such as swimsuit, towel, charcoal, etc.

Old Business
David Winer described in more detail the plans being discussed about eliminating the waiting list once the current one is ended. One proposal is for the club to maintain a list of applicants each year, to select members from the list according to the existing vacancies, and then start a new applicant list each year. The selection process would have two parts: a portion of the vacancies to be determined by the desires of the club, and a portion by random draw.

Treasurerís Report
Alan Gelb reported that there is $60,000 in reserve.

New Business
Jane Winer and Caroline Gelb desired a budget concerning the 125th anniversary party to be held on the island, May 8. Funds are needed for the contra dance caller, and musicians, for food, for commemorative bandannas, and for a special reptile show suggested by Joe Hage. They offered a motion for the club to authorize a budget for the Anniversary Party and Renovation Celebration for an amount not to exceed $2,000. The motion was seconded and passed. Joe agreed to play music during dinner. Nell Hennessey suggested that the the Folklore Society may have someone to help with the contra-dance; she also suggested a firm that could print souvenir bandannas.

Caretakerís Report
Joe Hage reported that the Club phone is working again after the last storm, and some tree work has also been completed. He suggested a date be set for the Spring Workfest at this eveningís meeting. A motion was made to hold the Workfest on Sunday, April 18 (Raindate, April 25). The motion was seconded, vote taken, and motion passed.

Due to high water forecast, the caretaker could use help with moving canoes off lower racks. Several persons volunteered.

Jim Drew suggested setting a date for the Spring canoeing class with Frank Daspit. The date will be Saturday,May 15.

Just before adjournment at 9:15 everyone applauded Nell Hennessey and Frank Daspit for providing the assortment of delicious appetizers prior to and during the meeting. All recognized that they have been very generous in inviting the club to hold several winter meetings at their Irish Channel Pub.

Upcoming Dates
- Sunday, April 11 Wildflower Walk
- Sunday, April 18 Workfest (Raindate Ė April 25)
- Saturday, May 8 125th Anniversary Party
- Saturday, May 15 Canoeing Class
- Saturday, May 22 Downriver Canoe/Kayak Race

-- Judy Lentz
Acting Recording Secretary