Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

November 11, 2009

Rain and chill did not prevent a quorum for the November meeting—the last meeting on the Island until Spring. A roaring fire in the wood stove prepared by Joe made the increasingly spiffy clubhouse warm and toasty. Jerry Barton provided hot tea.

Members present were: David and Jan Winer, Larry Heilman, John Membrino, Jerry Barton, Jim Drew, Jeff Komarow, Ann Marie Cunningham, Tryon Wells, Drew Walsh, and Bill Marmon. Caretaker Joe Hage was also in attendance.

President Komarow called the meet to order at 8:10 p.m. There were no minutes to approve from the October meeting because the meeting did not attain a quota.

There was no formal treasurers report although Jeff said estimates of revenue requirements for 2010 could likely be raised without any dues increase. Dues for 2010 will likely be $400, which includes a $75 construction surcharge. Formal budget for 2010 will be presented at the December meeting.

Jeff indicated that the only capital expense on the horizon for next year at this time will be lockers, which will likely cost about $5,000 or less. Members are encouraged to send Tryon information about whether they want a locker and if so what size. This will help Tryon decide how to configure the locker purchase which he hopes to install over the winter.

Jeff also reported on membership. The club has ten vacancies in the Regular Membership category, which will result in ten Waiting List Members being moved up. Jeff indicated that the waiting list is likely to be close to depletion by the end of next year and that it will be important to start discussions on membership policies going forward. Peter Winkler, membership chair, will head a committee consisting of Jeff Komarow, David Winer, Bill Marmon, Jerry Barton, Drew Walsh, and Tryon Wells. A note will be included in the January Islander inviting other members to participate. The committee will explore and recommend options for membership policy going forward.

The committee will also try to gauge the impact on the island of the larger usage of the Island over the past two summers as a result of admitting the entire waiting list, with an eye to recommending whether the current limit of 160 regular members should be increased.

Jim Drew reported that John Membrino has agreed to be the new Canoe Supervisor for next year.

Jane Winer indicated that plans were proceeding for celebration of the 125th Anniversary of the Club next year with the likely possibility of a dance at the clubhouse in the spring.

Tryon Wells said he would try to reattach and render operable the Clubhouse phone.

In New Business, President Jeff called for a confirming vote on appointment of Carol Beehler as new editor of The Islander, and thanked her for the great job she did on November issue. The motion was passed unanimously.

Jeff called for a motion to suspend the Bylaw provision prohibiting alcohol on the island to enable a champagne toast to dedicate the renovated Club House, scheduled to occur at time of the November workfest. After some discussion the motion was passed with one dissenting vote.

Larry Heilman suggested that the Club consider a more environmentally sensitive way of dealing with leaves on the Island. There was discussion on the merits of mulching the leaves and also of establishing compost piles that could be used for fertilizing plants. No decision was taken.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:01 p.m. and Members made the wet and soggy trudge up the hill, grateful for the lighting system.

Respectfully submitted,

Bill Marmon, Co-Recording Secretary