Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

September 9, 2009

The May meeting was held on the island with just enough members present to constitute a quorum. President Jeff Komarow convened the meeting at 8:15 p.m.

Gerry Barton, Jim Drew, Renee Dunham, Jennifer Glaudemans, Joe Hage, Larry Heilman, Jeff Komarow, Rick Lenegan, John and Judy Lentz, John Membrino, and Star Mitchell.

The July 2009 minutes were approved unanimously, without any corrections or amendments, as they were published in the July Islander.

There was nothing to report this month. Jeff Komarow noted that at some point in the future, the Club will need to decide how to select new members. Jeff does not believe that it makes sense to go back to the old first-come-first-served waiting list, because that would just create the same problem of having an overly long waiting list where people are waiting 10 years to become members. Jeff said that he would contact Peter Winkler, the Membership Secretary, to implement a committee to come up with recommendations on how to handle membership.

Treasurerís Report:
Treasurer Alan Gelb was not present, but Jeff Komarow reported that Alan would produce a final accounting of the construction project soon. He added that Alan was also preparing a 9-month projection for the clubís finances.

The Labor Day Regatta had a good turn out, with a lot of children present. The rain managed to hold off until the burgers were started.

There will be an early morning Bird Paddle on September 26th beginning at 7 am.

There will be a Pre-Work Day on Sunday, October 4th that will involve painting and bricklaying. The Fall Work fest is scheduled for Sunday, November 15th.

Star Mitchell will look into scheduling a kayaking class for late May or early June 2010. There also was general agreement that a fishing derby should be scheduled for next September.

Construction Project:
Jeff reported that the contractorís work is now finished. He added that a survey would go out this fall to members regarding their preferences and needs for new lockers in the ground level dressing rooms. Gerry Barton noted that a new telephone still needs to be installed, and it appears that the necessary wiring seems to be in place.

There was some discussion about the merits of installing a light switch for the boardwalk on the outside of the clubhouse (the switch is currently located behind the wood stove), but nothing was decided.

Caretakerís Report:
Joe Hage reported that a well filter was recently clogged which caused the water to stop running. He changed the filter and it seemed to be working fine again. Joe noted that a new filtration system will be installed in the fall. When that occurs, the well also will be inspected.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Jennifer Glaudemans, Co-Recording Secretary