Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

July 8, 2009

Meeting on the Island, on the lawn, was called to order at 8:10 p.m. by President Jeff Komarow. Several members had come early for picnic/grill dinner.

Attending the meeting were:
Nancy and Norman Metzger, Jane and David Winer, Phoebe Hamill, Peter Winkler, Trip Reid, Sherry Fizdale, Ned Goddan, Jim Drew, Paul Hagen, Larry Heilman, Gerry Barton, Marianne Ross, Mary Ann Stein, Tryon Wells, Stan Wiggins and Bill Marmon. A quorum was present.

The minutes of the May meeting were unanimously approved.

Jeff Komarow and Captain Tryon Wells reported that preliminary inspection approvals for the new Clubhouse construction had been received with final approval expected within the week. Whew! And check out that handicap access to the menís bathroom. Considerable work, which was not part of the commercial contract, still needs to be done to bring the clubhouse into finished condition.

To that end Caretaker Joe Hage will conduct work parties on the next three Sundays in July. Work needed to be done includes painting the kitchen, laying brick on the ground floor, trash removal and much more. Please call Joe and let him know if you can participate.

Tryon reported on options for reinstalling lockers and cubbies in the Clubhouse. One option included 60 lockers (20 full length and 40 in varying shorter sizes) that would cost $4,500. After discussion it was decided to survey the membership on desire for lockers and to inquire if a payment option was feasible. It was also agreed to pursue putting hooks and open cubbies in the menís and womenís bathrooms.

Tryon then let a discussion on furniture placement in the second floor, particularly the positioning of the pool table. While Tryon, as Captain, has discretion in these matters it was agreed that the best place for pool table was in the smaller new room in the Clubhouse, in order to preserve the option for a large gathering in the larger room.

Tryon also reported that he was going to try to construct a new float, to replace the float that was swept away earlier this spring by high water. Larry Heilman made the recommendation that the float NOT be replaced because of possible dangers to young swimmers in unpredictable rapid water. After considerable discussion and a show of hands, the sentiment overwhelmingly supported the replacement of the float, although several members agreed with Larry that if we have a float it should be relatively close to shore and upstream.

Larry Heilman also submitted Guidelines for Swimming at Sycamore Island, which are printed elsewhere in the Islander and will be posted at the Club.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:07 p.m. and several members toured the newly completed Clubhouse renovation.

Respectfully submitted
Bill Marmon
Co-Recording Secretary