Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

May 13, 2009

The May meeting was held around a campfire on the island. Enough members were present to constitute a quorum. President Jeff Komarow convened the meeting at 8:10 p.m.

Gerry Barton, Michael Colon, Jim Drew, Alan Gelb, Joe Hage, Phoebe Hamill, Jeff Komarow, Star Mitchell, John Noble, Gordon Philips, Mike Tilchin, David and Jane Winer, and Peter Winkler.

The March 2009 minutes were approved unanimously, without any corrections or amendments.

It was reported that the waiting list is slowly being whittled down. There are currently five openings, with four applicant families having finished their paper work and one family will be in next month. The four applicants were unanimously approved, and include: Vicki Judson and Michael Esch, Dana Boyd and David DePorter, Andy and Stacey Malmgren, and Christopher Weals and Amy Hancock.

Treasurer's Report
Treasurer Alan Gelb reported that the club's IRS filings, for forms 990 and 990-T, are due in May and are publicly available.

He reported that the finances are quite healthy. He said that construction costs would run about $50,000 this year and club expenses would be about $27,000. He said that cash, income from this year's dues, and loans, left the club with a positive balance of approximately $150,000.

Jeff added that we would begin paying off our loans this year as well.

As he had done in February, Alan Gelb raised issue of insurance, noting that after the renovation is completed, we should re-examine the amount of coverage. He said he would welcome any assistance from members with experience in commercial property insurance in the evaluation of the club's policies and options.

Jim Drew reported that a canoeing class would be held on Saturday, May 16th from 10 am to 12 pm. The Down River Race will be on May 23rd. Star Mitchell added that she still was looking for helpers to help guide racers. He added that the club received a from a waiting list member, Mark Friedrichs; a red 9 foot single seat kayak and paddle, both in excellent condition.

John Noble reported that six large parties are requested or scheduled over the next two months. One request, to be hosted by Michael Colon on May 31st, was seeking an exemption because it was not requested in time to be published in the Islander. Mr. Colon offered to substitute for the caretaker on May 31st in order to host a birthday party for his 8 year old. The board unanimously approved his request.

Caretaker's Report
Joe Hage reported that the swim float was lost during flooding the previous week. The chain was still tied to the tree, so the attachment failure occurred somewhere else. Noting that one was lost last year as well, he suggested we might consider better ways to secure the float.

He also asked that members be reminded of the rules pertaining to overnight camping. Jeff said that after dusk, the island is under the authority and discretion of the caretaker. All plans to camp overnight must be approved by the caretaker in advance, and no one should expect to show up planning to camp overnight on the island without first coordinating with the caretaker.

David Winer inquired about the quality of the drinking water on the island. Jeff reported the current well water is OK, but that once all the construction was completed, he would like to upgrade our well's current filtration system and get a maintenance contract so that it could be regularly serviced.

Other Business
Pheobe Hamill raised the question of surveying the members before the board changes policies. She sited the board's decision to change the caretaker position from full to part-time as an example of an issue that she would have liked put to the members. Jeff explained that all members are welcome to come to the monthly meetings and participate in any discussions, but noted that the purpose of the board is to make a number of decisions in an efficient manner that would not be possible if they were put out for a full-membership survey.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 PM.
Respectfully submitted,
Jennifer Glaudemans, Co-Recording Secretary