Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

February 11, 2009

The February meeting was held at the Stapko family home in McLean, Virginia. Enough members were present to constitute a quorum. President Jeff Komarow convened the meeting at 8:15 p.m.

Jim Drew, Alan Gelb, Jennifer Glaudemans, Joe Hage, Jeff and Sandi Komarow, Alison Levine, Stan Mitchell, John Noble, Marianne Ross, John Stapko, David and Jane Winer, and Tryon Wells.

The December 2008 minutes were approved unanimously, without any corrections or amendments.

Construction Report
Tryon Wells reported that all the framing, plumbing and electrical work was completed. Most of the ductwork for the HVAC is also finished, but the HVAC unit itself has not yet been delivered or installed. WSSC approval is expected in the next few days. Tryon said that he hoped to have the electrical and mechanical inspectors present at the same time that the final building inspection occurs. Once the final inspection is approved, the walls can be enclosed and the finishing work should take another 3-4 weeks.

Jeff thanked Tryon on behalf of the entire board and membership for his tireless work on the renovation, noting that the project could not be completed without all his trips to Montgomery County offices, and meetings with inspectors and contractors.

Joe mentioned that once the construction project is finished, he would contact the well service company to install a new filtration system on the club's water well.

Jeff reported that membership data should be up to date and reflect the recent turnover by the next meeting in March.

Contributions to the Islander
Jeff noted that contributions to the newsletter should be delivered to the editor in a more timely fashion. The deadline is always published at the bottom of the front page of the Islander.

Treasurer's Report
The 2008 Treasurer's report was published in the February Islander. Jeff highlighted the fact that the club ended the year in the black and that the renovation project will be on (and perhaps even under) budget.

Alan Gelb raised issue of insurance, noting that after the renovation is completed, we should re-examine the amount of coverage. He said he would welcome any assistance from members with experience in commercial property insurance in the evaluation of the club's policies and options.

Spring Work Fest
The 2009 spring work fest will be Saturday, April 18th. The rain date will be the following Sunday, April 26th.

Other Business
Jim Drew reported that Sycamore and Ruppert's Islands have not had the beaver damage this year as it has in years past. He suggested that the placement of wire around the tree trunks have helped.

It was also suggested that club events be scheduled and assigned to a coordinating volunteer for the Regatta, Old timers lunch and Fishing Derby. David Winer also suggested organizing a club bike ride and a bird/canoe tour in early fall.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Jennifer Glaudemans, Co-Recording Secretary