Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

December 10, 2008

The Club did not have a quorum for the January 2009 meeting. Full minutes from the December 10, 2008, Meeting, prepared by John Noble, are set forth below:

In attendance
Jeff Komarow, John Membrino, Sandi Komarow,Sherry (Pettie) Fizdale, John and Judy Luntz, Ann Marie and John Cunningham, Karen Possner, Stan Wiggins, Maurice B. Tobin, Marianne Ross, Lawrence C. Caseman, Catherine Gelb, John Noble, Tryon Wells, Bill and Lucky Marmon, Gerry Barton, George and Marcia Loeb, Vicki Judson, Mike Esch

The minutes from the November meeting were approved.

Construction Report
Tryon Wells reported that we are pleased with the progress to date. Carlos, the contractor, is efficient and fast. Approval for a 4" deficit on height in the ground floor room is being requested.

Construction Financing
Jeff reported that he expects to secure all the member loans needed to support the project.

Relief Caretaker
The problems related to running an effective relief caretaker program were covered in the islander and Jeff asked members to renew their efforts to participate in this activity.

Jeff referred to the budget, which was presented on pg. 11 of the November Islander. We are on target or slightly higher for spending for the year. The 2009 budget reflects the construction costs and an addition of $500 for professional services to anticipate additional costs such as the issue of 1099ís for interest paid on member loans. Budget 2009 Dues and Fees: The 2009 dues will reflect a $75 annual construction fee and a $325 membership fee. Large party fees will increase $5 in each party size category with a special fee of $50 for specially approved parties of over 35 persons.

Caretaker Compensation
The Club approved the recommendation of the Compensation Committee regarding the 2009 salary and 2008 bonus for the caretaker.

Election of Officers and Supervisors
The slate of nominees in large part reflects the current leadership of the club with significant anticipation for 2010. Jeff said the Club owes a special debt of gratitude to David Winer, Ann Marie Cunningham and Tryon Wells.

New Business
a) Thanks to the Beldens for performing Membership Secretary duties;

b) FYI, Senior membership status is acquired by age and at least 20 years with the Club. Senior and Honorary Members are not included in the membership ceiling;

c) The Club T shirt supply has been renewed with 60 green and 60 white shirts;

d) An article about the Sycamore Store is being written by a memberís daughter and we expect to publish it in the Islander;

e) Peggy Thompson, who hosted last years holiday party, could not attend but she welcomes visitors to her home.

Thanks to Hosts
Jeff thanked Mike and Vicki for hosting the 2008 holiday party.

Thanks to the President
The membership present expressed their appreciation for the dedicated and effective leadership of President Jeff Komarow.