Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

May 9, 2007

The May meeting was called to order at 8:05 p.m. in the Sycamore Island clubhouse by President Jeff Komarow.

Gerald Barton, Gavin Bloch, Charlotte Brewer, Frank Daspit, Jim Drew, Renée Dunham, Larry Heilman, Jeff Komarow, John Membrino, Norm Metzger, Star Mitchell, John Noble, Sherry Pettie, Chuck Pill, Trip Reid, Peggy Thomson, Dave Winer, Jane Winer, Peter Winkler.

This being the first meeting to attain a quorum since JANUARY (?!), the January minutes were approved without changes.

Finance Committee:
Jeff reported that the Club filed its taxes on time, its finances are in good shape, and we will hear more information in June.

Jim Drew reported that last Saturday's canoe class with Frank Daspit was a great success. Thanks to Dave Winer and others, we have a new rack for Club canoes.

Jeff presented the waitlist families proposed to take the 8 new membership slots. He told us that the applicants have all been extensively vetted by membership secretaries Joe and Tammy Belden, and their bios and statements have been circulated at previous meetings.

A motion carried to admit new members Lexa Edsall and Bob Victor, Ann and Terry Peel, Greg and Maia Kats, Martha and Joe Membrino, Barb Neal and Sarah Davis, Beth and Steve Hess, Richard and Cindy Bertaut, and Alex Graham and Madeleine Carter.

Roberts Rules No More:
For those of you who have not followed this story over the past few months, it came out in the December meeting, when a member tried to press Roberts Rules on our president, that in fact the Club never adopted Roberts Rules. Luckily, our attorney-president was aware of an American Bar Association set of rules, The Modern Rules of Order, which he has adapted and distributed by email and at previous meetings to Club members for consideration. One practical difference is that proposals will be adopted by consensus of those present, and only go to motions seconded and voted on when there is not consensus.

Jeff proposed adoption of these procedural rules by way of an amendment to the Club's Standing Rules.

A motion carried to amend the Standing Rules for the purpose of adopting "Procedural Rules for the Conduct of Meetings of the Montgomery Sycamore Island Club", specifically by adding a new Section 19 that states that:
    In addition to the requirements of the By-Laws, the Annual Meeting, Regular Meetings, and any Special Meetings of the membership and meetings of the Board of Directors shall be conducted in accordance with Procedural Rules adopted by the members in meeting assembled. The Recording Secretary shall maintain the official copy of the Procedural Rules. The Procedural Rules shall be made available to members through posting on the website. The Procedural Rules shall be considered as standing Rules for purposes of the By-Laws and may be amended in the same manner in accordance with the same procedures as the other Standing Rules. Existing Section 19, Amendments, is renumbered as Section 20. The text of the rule remains the same.
Large Parties:
Chuck Pill requested to have a large party on an even day, not odd. This request was approved by consensus.

Fewer Meetings and Islanders?
The last business to be discussed was a proposal by Larry Heilman to reduce by half the number of meetings and also publication of The Islander, with the newsletter to come out 2 weeks before the next meeting. Members discussed the pros (we'll be more likely to get a quorum at fewer meetings, and we only make quorum at half the meetings anyway) and cons (monthly meetings are the heart and soul of the Club, and people will forget which month has the meeting).

The meeting adjourned at 9:10 p.m.

-- Sherry Pettie, Recording Secretary