Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

November 8, 2006

The November meeting was held at the home of Lauren Brandt and Jean-Louis Sarbib, who provided delicious food and drink. We were late in starting due to your Secretaryís delayed arrival.

Except for approval of the Minutes, no other business was transacted.

Gerald Barton, Lauren Brandt, Ann Marie Cunningham, Jim Drew, Alan Gelb, Larry Heilman, Jeff Komarow, George Loeb, Sherry Pettie, Trip Reid, Peggy Thomson, Tryon Wells, Steve Wolk.

The October minutes were approved without changes.

Treasurerís Report:
Alan Gelb reported that we will end the year roughly on-budget, and hopefully a little under.

As there were no other reports to be made, Jeff Komarow started a general discussion, the main points of which follow:

The Workfest was scheduled for November 12 (and since rescheduled twice to December 3) and hopes were high that a repeat of the Phone Tree would attract a big turnout. Gerry Barton reported that the washed-out trench along the ferry landing steps had been filled in by the Park Service, and that he and Jim Drew planned to build a berm with railroad ties to keep rainwater from washing over. Ann-Marie Cunningham suggested plantings so that roots could help hold the bank in place, and also encouraging people to walk on the stairs.

Joe Hage stopped in and expressed the need for crew leaders to organize and direct the increased number of workers. Jeff suggested a meeting in March to better plan for the Spring Workfest. Gerry Barton suggested mini-workfests on a monthly basis for specific projects.

Regarding the building renovation project, Anne-Marie said that Tryon was undecided on whether to apply for building permit before or after getting contractor bids. At this point, Tryon arrived at the meeting and said that he has asked the architect to put together bid packages for contractors, which he expected in that week. Larry Heilman asked why we did not get financing in place before applying for a permit. We need to find out the cost and get financing in place before any constructions starts, and getting financing in place could take a long time.

Special Assessment and Dues Increase:
Jeff Komarow said this raises the issue of sequencing for funding. He had hoped that a vote on construction financing would coincide with determining dues for the upcoming year, but thatís not going to happen. We can possibly vote in a special assessment later in the year. Those members who donít want to pay an additional assessment for construction need to be made aware that they wonít get a refund if they wish to withdraw their membership rather than pay an assessment. We can put in the annual dues notice a note that we anticipate voting on a special assessment.

Jeff Komarow passed around a worksheet showing a proposed dues increase of 5 percent. Alan Gelb said that our increasing budget due to higher utilities and insurance costs, with reserves earning lower interest rates than in the past, necessitates a dues increase. Jeff Komarow said a 5 percent increase would only bring us up to the level of this yearís budget.

The meeting adjourned at 9:35 p.m.

-- Sherry Pettie, Recording Secretary