Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

May 10, 2006

The May meeting was held on the Island. Bowls of fresh grapes were passed around as the meeting was called to order in a timely fashion at 8:05 p.m. by President Jeff Komarow.

Ann Marie Cunningham, Jim Drew, Renée Dunham, Bill Eichbaum, Tove Elfström, Larry Heilman, Jeff Komarow, John Matthews, Barbara McCoy, Norman Metzger, John Noble, Sherry Pettie, Chuck Pill, Johnna Robinson, Peggy Thomson, Tryon Wells, Dave Winer, Jane Winer, Stephen Wolk

A motion carried to adopt the March minutes with no changes. (The April meeting had no quorum.)

Large Party Report:
John Noble reported that a member had asked to be invoiced for the use of the Island so that her organization could pay in excess of the Club large party fee. This concept was discussed, but the group felt that the Island is not available for commercial purposes of any kind.

Two motions carried to approve larger parties that may run over the attendance limit. The parties will be hosted by Barbara McCoy and Alan Gelb.

Membership Report:
President Jeff reported that there is one vacancy, which the membership secretary will handle. [Your recording secretary, still a wait-lister, was delighted to learn a few days later that this vacancy was being offered to her!]

Canoe Report:
Jim Drew reported that 13 people attended Frank Daspit’s canoe class on Saturday, which was quite successful. Renée, who attended, said they covered a lot of material from basic safety to white water strokes. Everyone agreed that Frank is a very good teacher.

Captain’s Report:
Tryon reported that the heavily attended Workfest was successful and all the floats are out. And also that Joe had single-handedly repaired the ferry prior to the work day.

A motion carried that the club authorize a sum of $50 to reimburse the Caretaker for his insurance deductible for the cost of replacing his tires that were slashed in the MacArthur Boulevard parking lot.

Swimming Report:
Larry Heilman asked whether the swim float was too far out in the river. Some of those present thought it too far out, some thought not far out enough, some thought too far downstream, and Tryon said it was anchored in the same spot where he puts it every year.

Building Committee Report:
Chuck Pill reported that the committee had met at the end of the Workfest, and was moving to finalize plans with the architect. Ann-Marie is working with the architect to shepherd the plans through the county permitting process. The committee had responded positively to Pat Berry’s recommendation that the architect should be used to prepare the bid documents so that the contractor bids will arrive in a consistent format that the Club can more easily compare. In addition, the architect can separate out pieces of work that the Club itself can perform in order to reduce costs. The committee intends to approach the architect’s list of contractors for signs of interest in bidding. When the permit is in hand, the bids are in and the costs are known, that will be the time for the membership to give its approval to go ahead.

The Club’s Approval Process:
A discussion followed on the process for approving the financing scheme and initiating construction. Jeff Komarow and several others voiced the opinion that it was a problem for the small number of members who attend meetings to make this big decision. The process should be transparent, widely publicized, and with a system for maximum participation thatmight include a longer period of time in which to vote. Everyone, whether or not they agree with the outcome, should feel that the process is fair.

Gerry Barton’s Letter:
The final item on the agenda was to open the floor for a discussion of Gerry’s letter in the May Islander. Members present voiced opinions both in support and in opposition to Gerry’s concern that the building design leaves part of the Caretaker quarters exposed to flooding. As no motion was proposed, no action was taken.

Norm Metzger announced that the Regatta would return this year because Vicki Judson and Anne Waidman had agreed to take it on.

The meeting adjourned at 9:35 p.m.

-- Sherry Pettie, Recording Secretary