Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

September 14, 2005

The meeting was called to order at 8:10 pm by President Ann Marie Cunningham. There was a quorum (at least 10 voting members). Members present were Jim Drew, Ann Marie Cunningham, Dave Winer, Peggy Thomson, Bill Bays, Jeff Komarow, Johnna Robinson, Jane Winer, Alan Gelb, Renee Dunham, Larry Heilman. Joe Hage was present for part of the meeting.

The past two months meetings were not official, as there were no quorums. The minutes of the June meeting were approved as printed in the July Islander.

Dave Winer reported on the installation of a new bell. It has a deeper tone than the cowbells and, it is hoped, can now be heard all over the Island. Renee reported that she had had difficulty raising Joe from the swim float. We will look into the problem. The action of the rope is slightly different.

The treasurer, Alan Gelb, reported that the bills are normal for this time of year. He has received a communication from the Maryland Dept. of the Environment requesting information about any possible lead-based paint in the living areas. We may have to run tests on all the paint surfaces. Vice-President Jeff Komarow will help him decide how to respond. Jim Drew, canoeing supervisor, reported that he hopes to build an additional rack for the lesser-used club canoes. This will be accomplished during the Workfest. The Workfest has been scheduled for Sunday, November 13, with a rain date of November 20.

Joe reported that Lowell School would again this year like to bring 50 school children on Thursday October 6, from 8:30am to 2:30pm. Joe says that this activity has been well supervised in the past, and it was approved. Joe also reports that we need two new small grills and a chain saw. These purchases can be made by the Captain since they have been budgeted under Capitol Improvements and Repairs. A new canoe dock is needed. Tove has been considering a design. Materials can be purchased after checking with the treasurer, Alan Gelb. Joe would like to activate a third phone line so the club line will not be busy due to the computer. This was approved. DSL will be considered, and the decision depends on the relative costs.

John Matthews was not able to attend, but he has been inspecting trees whose limbs could endanger the clubhouse. Also, a large poplar tree (tulip?) near the shed may be a threat. Joe feels that opening the canopy could encourage the kudzu and knotweed. The members discussed this and recommended that Johnna speak with an arborist to get a second opinion. A limit of $100 was suggested.

Joe also brought up the question of allowing dogs on the island one day a month. Some members have inquired. The consensus at the meeting was that the "no dog" rule has a long history and doesn’t need changing. Goats are allowed, if well behaved.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:10pm.

-- Johnna Robinson, Acting Recording Secretary