Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

August 11, 2004

The meeting was held at the Island.

John Noble, Faith Earll, Gerry Barton, Tryon Wells, Jim Drew, Ann Marie Cunningham, Johnna Robinson, Peggy Thomson, Tove Elfstrom, and Peter Winkler

Call to Order
The meeting was called to order at 8:20 p.m. by President Ann Marie Cunningham.

The minutes of the June meeting as published in the Islander were approved. There was no quorum at the July meeting, so that meeting, and the minutes taken of it, were unofficial.

President Ann Marie Cunningham had no communications to report.

Large Party Report
Large Party Supervisor John Noble reported that Abigail Wiebensohn had asked permission to host a large party for the Lowell School on September 23. The request was approved. John also reported that there were no requests for large parties in August, and no other requests so far for September.

Swimming Report
Swimming Supervisor Tove Elfstrom reported that the swim float could use a paint job but that it is otherwise okay. Tove and Tryon Wells reported that we will probably need a new canoe float soon.

Entertainment Report
Gerry Barton reported on the delayed solstice party, which became a blue moon party. Gerry said that attendance was light but that everyone had a good time.

The fishing derby will be held August 21. The annual regatta will be held September 6. The regatta is open to all members and those on the waiting list.

Captain’s Report
Captain Tryon Wells reported that he was waiting for a clear day to retrieve the swimming float anchor. Tryon also reported on the debate surrounding what to do with the large tree that fell on the Island last year. Some members want to cut it up and get rid of it, while others want to leave it to grow. In discussion, it was pointed out that the tree could be a hazard to the canoe shed in the event of another flood. A motion was made to remove the tree, and it carried. Ann Marie will retain John Stapko to cut up the tree.

Building Committee
Gerry Barton reported on the committee meeting two weeks ago. Cindy Bertaut, John Matthews, Ann Marie, and Gerry met with officials of Montgomery County who must approve, inter alia, zoning, flood, electrical, sanitation, and fire plans for new building. Ann Marie said it was a depressing meeting. Apparently, we will be unable to build outside the footprint of the current building, but perhaps we can cover over the current stairway area (but not to add living space). The Committee will meet soon with the Montgomery County People’s Counsel, Martin Klauber, who has indicated a willingness to help us.

Tove raised the question of whether we should trim the larger trees currently growing up around the clubhouse. Tryon spoke in favor of the suggestion. Both Tove and Tryon expressed the need that we preserve and protect our building. Among other reasons, if the building is more that 50 percent destroyed we cannot legally rebuild it. Tryon also stated that the electrical wiring is insufficient and needs work.

Johnna Robinson asked if Tryon could arrange for the outside shower to be fixed. Tryon said that he would do so. Johnna also said that, in response to inquiries from members, she had drafted a statement about our building goals and the ongoing efforts of the building committee. Ann Marie will review it and it will then be published in The Islander.

Canoe Report
Canoe Supervisor Jim Drew reported that Ann Satterthwaite has a canoe rack that has not been used for some time. He will continue to try to contact her. Jim also reported that Lee Adams has donated a canoe to the Island, a square stern Coleman. Jim said it is good for families, fishing, etc. Finally, Jim reported that we have canoe rack openings.

Someone asked whether individual canoes could be locked to their racks in the shed. Jim said “generally no,” although exceptions may be granted with an understanding that the caretaker may have to cut the lock in an emergency situation.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:15 p.m. Refreshments were graciously provided by David and Sea Langston Sitomer, our relief caretakers during Joe Hage’s vacation.

-- Peter Winkler, Recording Secretary